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In the Spotlight

Public-powered Journalism

By Jennifer Brandel, Logan Jaffe, and Shawn Allee

Learn how sharing the mic and megaphone can expand your beat, your stories, and your craft. (more)


Best of the Best: The 2014 Third Coast Festival Broadcast, Hour 2

Re:sound's Gwen Macsai hosts Best of the Best: The 2014 Third Coast Festival Broadcast, showcasing the best radio stories of the year. (more)


Best of the Best

Wednesday 12/31/14

Our broadcast of the year's best radio airs on a station near you this holiday season. 

Podcast Therapy

Sunday 1/25/15

Get on the bandwagon people! Cuz Podcasts are the new HBO. Bring your smart phone and we'll take it from there. 

2 Third Coast Internships

Deadlines are coming up January 12th for 2 rad Third Coast internships. Don't dally...

Listen to the TC Conf

We're rolling out the 2014 TC Conf sessions to edify and inspire!

Drumroll, pls...

Announcing who-won-what in the 2014 TC/RHDF Competition!


For the radiohead on your list, cool new TC merch!


In A Box of 78s, Dinah Bird finds the sounds her grandmother heard.   


'Play the Road' a collaboration of VW and genius sound designer Nick Ryan. Watch a live drive here.

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