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In the Spotlight

Radio Atlas

By Eleanor McDowall

Finally! A way to listen to radio stories in languages you don't-necessarily-speak. (more)


Re:sound #185 The Chance Encounters Show

This hour: when two people meet, sometimes extraordinary things happen. And sometimes extraordinary things happen in order for two people to meet. (more)


Re:sound Live

Thursday 3/24/16

March 24th, 7:30pm, at The Hideout in Chicago. Stay tuned for deets!

2016 Third Coast Conf!

If you make radio and/or podcasts, ink in these dates: November 11-13.

Work with us in 2016!

Announcing two Third Coast intenships and a part-time PA postion. One deadline: 2/8

Caps for sale!

Keep those ears warm with a Third Coast winter hat.


The illustrated zine of Filmless Festival by Cal Tabuena-Frolli is just. so. amazing.


"There's a video making its way around the internet" a dispatch from Columbia, MO, via KBIA.


A detailed guide to the business of podcasting from Columbia's TOW Center for Digital Journalism

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