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2006 ShortDocs Challenge:
99 Ways to Tell a Radio Story

Starting in 2006, the ShortDocs Challenge took a new direction. We teamed up with cartoonist Matt Madden, and, inspired by his book "99 Ways to tell a Story: Exercises in Style," crafted 99 Ways to Tell a Radio Story. Together with Matt we designed a set of rules and invited any/everyone to submit short audio stories that followed them.

Every submission had to:
- start with some manifestation of: "To begin with, they never got along."
- include a pre-recorded voice, rhythmic noise, and exclamation
- last exactly 2:30 min.

Dozens of stories came in from around the world - in fact we surpassed 99 and ended up with 101 submissions. Four were chosen as the 2006 ShortDocs, and were presented, with producers on-hand, at the opening session of the 2006 Third Coast Conference.


the 2006 ShortDocs:

'Til Death Do Us Part, by Sasha Aslanian

Au Debut, by Zoe Irvine

Boris the Mover, by Carma Jolly

Talk to Me About Love, by Jill Summers and David Whitcomb


check out all 97 other submissions to 99 Ways to Tell a Radio Story, listed here alphabetically:

Maria the Korean Bride, by Andy (tourist in the city)

Sweetheart, I Hate You, by Antonio Almeida

The Secret Life of an Australian Mother, by Eurydice Aroney, Tom Morton, and Stuart Brown

Naptime, by Julia Barton

Stupidity Realized, by Nic Beery

Looking at Topsy, by Brett Beyer

Bring on Jesus!, by Big Swifty

Micro-Sonic, by Stacy Bond

Do What You Fear and Fear Disappears, by Sarah Boothroyd

mishmash, by Regina Botros

Best Friends, by Keith Brand

Accident Avalanche, by Liz Bustamante

Charlie - Boston's Freedom Fighter, by Kristopher Carter

The Interloper, by Kaye Collins

Blind Date, by Kaye Collins

Evolution, by Dennis Conrow

Christmas with Grandma, by Ken Cormier

Zelda vs. Ernest, by Amber Cortes

Gobble Gobble, by Jane Cramer

This Was a Crucial Place, by Peter Crimmins

I'd Like to Straighten You Out, by Joseph Decosimo

The Dwayne Split, by Lawrence Dolton

Sold 'Em Way Up High, by Cyrus Farivar

The Mime, by Cyrus Farivar and Rebekah Kouy-Ghadosh

And I Think There is Something There..., by Lee Fuoco

My God, by Tim Forrest

Sound and Territory, by Marie-France Garon and Christine Morin

The Yakuza Codes, by Christian Gasser

Don't Take the Girl, by Jessica Gonzalez

Courtney and Catherine, by Katie Day Good

Dancing, by Julia Grant

Sixes, by Julia Grant

Time for Change, by Justin Grotelueschen

The Indian Ocean, by Delaney Hall, Rachel Pearson and Nick Hunt

The Long Way Home, by David Henderson

To Begin With, by Emily Hilliard

Reality Depends on Where You're Standing, by Saya April Hillman

Hello, I'm Johnny Cash, by Kent Hoffman

The Priscilla Tapes: An Introduction, by Zoe Irvine

Good Behavior, by Jack Jackson

Tapeletter from Denmark, by Soren Prehn Jensen

Train Wars, by Jayne Fenton Keane

Where My Ears Have Been, by Jayne Fenton Keane

Niiimogmoa!!, by Martin Kolber-Jaskulski

Computer Drama, by Heather Kitching

Eagle 202, by Heather Kitching

Liberals. (With Thomas Frank and Rush Limbaugh), by Alfred Koch

No More Bad Luck (Tess Gallagher Meets Raymond Carver),          by Alfred Koch

As if...or 99 Minus 1, by Jean-Claude Kuner

The First Attraction, by Lawrence Lanahan and Bruce Wallace

Ligeti Was In My Apartment, by Jeffrey Letterly

Disrupted, by Seth Lind

Saul and Joshua, by Seth Lind

Trouble in Vietnam, by Theo Lipfert

I Like the Way You Talk, by Erik Markowitz

Kitchen Confidential, by Kelly McCarthy-Maine

The Gulf, by Christine McKenna

99 Fluffys, by Alice McNamara

Natalie, Alone, in New York, by Sue Mell

Sister Christy, by Jody Melto

They Didn't Get Along, by Rick Moody and Michael Hearst

Oakiedale Train, by Ceil Muller

From Glasgow to Basra, by Anna Norberg

Next Message, by Thelon Oeming

The Iceberg, by Thelon Oeming

Just Read My Cards, by Briana O'Higgins

Deep-Fried Gravy, by Amy Pickett and Chip Bradley

Strictly Vegetarian, by Jaume Pique and Manuel Perez

Big Bang, by David Polk

Respectacle, by Susan B. Price

And Plenty of Others Never Got Along, by Jamie Proctor

Missing, by Shannon Quinn

Mother Love, by Shannon Quinn

Perfect Founders, by Paula Rodgers

Distilling Stiller, by Zak Rosen

I don't know. I know., by Neil Sandell

The Big Cookoff, by Nico Savidge

O Happy Dagger, by Allison Schuette-Hoffman

Shaq + Kobe (Time is Running Out), by David Schulman

Icing Adversity, by Sherry Shute

Reel Noise, by Derek Simon

Henry Ford Wouldn't Have Called in Sick, by Tammy Terwelp

The Cat and the Boyfriend, by Mark Tolstedt

The Woo-zits & Was-zits, by Sara Truesdale

A Bug in the Works, by Mark Vernon

Personal Message: No Commercial Value, by Mark Vernon

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love 99 Ways, by Bruce Wallace and Andrea Appleton

Dust Bowl Revisited, by Steve Walsh

School Mothers, by Nicole Schultheis Walton

Levitating Stone, by Jeanette Werkhoven

Hearing Things, by Carolina Wheat

...Cos It's Not, by Grace Yoon

Sometimes..., by Grace Yoon








99 Ways collaborator Matt Madden is inspired, in his own work, by the idea of "creativity through constraint" - a notion much loved and exercised by an experimental French literary group called Oulipo. We're totally inspired by this concept too, and by the playfulness of both Oulipo and Matt's approach to making art.


'Til Death Do Us Part


Au Debut


Boris the Mover


Talk To Me About Love


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