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2010 Third Coast ShortDocs: Book Odds

For the 2010 ShortDocs Challenge - Book Odds - we teamed up with The Books, IOHO one of the most inventive and creative bands making music today. With the help of Nick Zammuto and Paul de Jong we chose eight audio samples from their vast library of sonic offerings, and four song titles from their record The Way Out. Then we issued an open call to "make radio" - short audio stories including at least two of the samples, and named after one of the song titles. See the right hand side of the page for samples and titles. 

One hundred and forty-one Book Odds were submitted (a record!) from 14 countries. Four were chosen as the 2010 ShortDocs, and were presented, with producers and The Books on-hand, during the opening session of the 2010 Third Coast Conference.


All You Need is a (Separation Barrier), by Niall Farrell 

(Bicycle) Chain of Missing Links, by Matt Purdy

A Cold Freezin Night (for Doomed Lovers), by Andrea Silenzi 

All You Need is a Wall - 16, by Frances Willick 


And here are the remaining 137 Book Odds submissions, listed alphabetically by song title:


(For) A Cold Freezin Night, by Brendan Baker

A Cold Freezin Ni(g)ht, by Shubha Bala 

A Cold Freezin Night - 9, by Anna Boiko-Weyrauch 

A Cold Freezin Night (Inverse Winter), by Sarah Bromer 

A Cold Freezin Night - 8 by Liz Bustamante and Karen Gollrad 

A Cold Freezin Night (Adventure), by Julien Clancy

A Cold Freezin Night (on which people have the lamest conversation ever), by Dennis Conrow 

A Cold Freezin Night - 15
by Maria Esaulkova, Kirill Golikov, Linda Ostanina and Elena Sviridova 

A Cold Freezin Night - 10, by Ross Farbe and Devin Hildebrand 

A Cold Freezin Night - 13, by Michael Ferstenfeld 

A Cold Freezin Night - 6by Nan Floyd 

A Cold Freezin Night - 11, by Stephanie Foo 

A Cold Freezin Night (On the Chain), by Aviva Hirsch 

A Cold Freezin Night - 12, by Matthew McVickar 

A Cold Freezin Night - 2, by Katie Mingle

A Cold Freezin Night - 14, by David Newman & Adrienne G

A Cold Freezin Night - 7by Katri Puro 

A Cold Freezin Night - 5by Glenn Simonsen

A Cold Freezin Night - 1by Geoff Storm

A Cold Freezin Night - 3, by Carolina Wheat 

A Cold Freezin Night - 4by Eric Winick

A Clothing Frenziedby Ben Zimmerman



All You Need is a...by Aengus Anderson 

All You Need is a Wall - 8, by Zachary Baiel 

All You Need is a Wall - 11, by Katie Ball

All You Need is a Wall - 14, by Linda Besner

All You Need is a Wall (Memo), by Alix Blair 

All You Need is a Wall - 2, by Chris Bolton

All You Need is a Wall (in Plato's Cave), by Sarah Boothroyd 

All You Need is a Wall (And i will find a way to walk right into it)
by Mira Burt-Wintonick 

All You Need is a Wall - 6, by Jane Cramer

All You Need is a Wall - 5, by Wil Crisp

All You Need is 4 Walls, by V. Dougherty

All You Need is (gum on) a Wall, by Emily Eagle

All You Need is a Wall (or, How to Dance in the Moonlight)
by Sam Greenspan

All You Need is a Wall (I, Too, Sing America), by Adam Kampe 

All You Need is a Wall (The Infamous Elevator Story), by Adam Kampe 

All You Need is a Wall (or Rat Shootin'), by Devin Katayama

All You Need is a Wall - 17, by Lauren Kirby

All You Need is a Wall - 13, by Mia Lobel

All You Need is a Wall - 18, by Sue Muldowney

All You Need is a Wall - 12, by Ben Pagac 

All You Need is a Wall - 10, by Marijke Peters and Henry Hocking

All You Need is a Wall (Snoreasurus), by Jeremy Reichardt 

All You Need is a Wall (For A Classroom), by Aaron Sand

All You Need is a Microwave, by David Schultz 

All You Need is The Wall, by Chris Sewell

All You Need is a Wall - 9, by Patrick Skahill 

All You Need is a Wall - 4, by Philip Smith 

All You Need is a Wall - 15, by Alexander Stephens 

All You Need is a Wall - 1, by Jill Strauss 

All You Need is a Wall (or at least one good idea...), by Catie Talarski

All You Need is a Wall (of Noise), by Chris Trimmer 

All You Need is a Wall (A Wall With You), by Nick van der Kolk

All You Need is a Wall - 7, by Shaun D. Wilson and Sonia Yee

All You Need is a Wall - 3, by Eric Winick



Chain of Missing Links - 2, by Eve Abrams

Chain of Missing Links - 9by Masaki Araya

Chain of Missing Links (with the Fourth of July), by Zachary Baiel

Chain of Missing Links - 36
by Jonathan Beier, JJ Hurvich and Tad Klimp

Chain of Missing Links - 13by Ioana Baldea

Chain of Missing Links (El Pájaro Volador), by Brendan Baker 

Chain of Missing Links - 3by Molly Bennett

Chain of Missing Links (& More), by Jennifer Brandel

Chain of Missing Links - 7by Claire Caldwell

Chain of Missing Links - 16, by Rob Chabebe 

Chain of Missing Links - 25, by Marnie Chesterton and Henry Hocking

Chain of Missing Links - 33, by Colm Coyne 

Chain of Missing Links - 20, by Wil Crisp 

Chain of Missing Links - 21, by Foster Gesten

Chain of Missing Links - 6by Josh Gibbs

Chain of Missing Links - 31, by Katy Giebenhain & Sue Muldowney

Chain of Missing Links - 19, by Julia Grant

Chain of Missing Links - 22, by Jessica Grosman 

Chain of Missing Links - 5by Devin Hildebrand

Chain of Missing Links - 10by Andrew Hood

Chain of Missing Links (for a nervous kitty), by Tom Horan 

Chain of Missing Links - 17by Max Jungreis

Chain of Missing Links (Objects and Their Owners), by David Keto

Chain of Missing Links - 30, by Lauren Kirby

Chain of Missing Links - 26, by Kajsa Kvaale

Chain of Missing Links - 29, by Erik Laar

Chain of Missing Links - 4by Annie Lesser

Chain of Missing Links (of Art), by Jakob Vedel Lisbjerg 

Chain of Missing Links - 24, by Ruth Lopez

Chain of Missing Links - 27, by Cheryl McPhilimy and Tony Green 

Chain of Missing Links - 14by Pauliina Motturi

Chain Of Missing Links - 1by Rachael Myrow

Chain of Missing Links - 35, by Milissa Orzolek

Chain of Missing Links - 8by Andrew Parsons 

Chain of Missing Links (de Unamuno), by Sofia Saldanha

Chain of Missing Links - 34, by Neil Sandell

Chain of Missing Links - 32, by Steve Schwarz

Chain of Missing Links - 12, by Glen Simonsen

Chain of Missing Links - 18, by Paul Staunton and Rachel Ni Chuinn 

Chain of Missing Links (A Case of Musical Stairs)
by Joanna Stein and Nicole Beemsterboer 

Chain of Missing Links (and beyond), by Dixie Treichel

Chain of Missing Links - 15by Dan Weissmann

Chain of Missing Sounds, by Caleb Winebrenner

Chain of Missing Links - 11by Eric Winick

Chain of Missing Links - 23, by Katherine Wells



I Didn't Know That (about hotel housekeepers), by Mieke Anderson

I Didn't Know That (A Father's Conversion), by Tina Antolini 

I Didn't Know That - 1, by Masaki Araya and D.C. Williams 

I Didn't Know That - 10, by Jenny Asarnow and Emily Eagle 

I Didn't Know That (An Artist's Story), by Diane Bock

I Didn't Know That - 4, by Elena Botkin-Levy

I Didn't Know That - 9, by Joe Bruce and Veronica Soria-Martinez 

I Didn't Know That (A Short People's History of the United States),
by Stephanie Coleman

I Didn't Know That - 7, by Rowan Corkill 

(I Wish That) I Didn't Know That, by Jamie Courville

I Didn't Know That (I'd Have a Child), by Michael DeBonis

I Didn't Know That - 13, by Jennifer Deer

I Didn't Know That (Blindwalking),
by Ksenia Donskaya, Artyom Vysochenko, & Andrey Pronin

I Didn't Know That (I Was an Albino), by Stephanie Foo

I Didn't Know That (Hell's Calliope), by Hester L. Fuller 

I Didn't Know That - 11, by Tony Green

I Didn't Know That - 14, by Natasha Haverty

I Didn't Know That (road trip), by Zoe Irvine

I Didn't Know That (art), by Peggy Keiner

I Didn't Know That (I was capable), by Joe Johnson

I Didn't Know That (Lost on Lost), by Justin McLachlan

I Didn't Know That (Ryan), by Emma Miller

(Bon Jovi) Didn't Know That, by Steve Nelson

I Didn't Know That...(a different kind of romance), by Kaitlin Prest

I Didn't Know That (Un Hombre, su Perro, su Caballo, y Cielo),
by Jesse Ricke

I Didn't Know That (Whozaphone), by Lacy Roberts

I Didn't Know That (Why They Make Us Laugh), by Adam Rose-Levy

I Didn't Know That - 2, by Sofia Saldanha 

I Didn't Know That Students Had Two Lives, by Aaron Sand

I Didn't Know That - 3, by Glenn Simonsen

I Didn't Know That (You Were a Muslim), by Tali Singer 

I Didn't Know That - 5, by Paul Staunton and Rachel Ni Chuinn

I Didn't Know That - 12, by Kendall Taggart

I Didn't Know That - 6, by Tom Tenney

I Didn't Know That - 8, by Farsheed Toosi and Fereshteh Toosi

I Didn't Know That (about windows), by Megan Williams

I Didn't Know That (Eyeborgs Really Exist), by Britt Wray 

the ingredients!

Producers picked a song title and included at least one mp3 from each "sample bucket" below in their Book Odds submissions.



"A Cold Freezin Night"
"All You Need is a Wall"
"Chain of Missing Links"
"I Didn't Know That"


(click to hear, right-click to download)

- buzz note
- strange town
- winding coinbox
- with youououou

sonic doodads
(click to hear, right-click to download)

- clarinet clock loop
- eros vibraphone
- note manual
- scaledown

About the Books

photo by Ben Poster

The Books – Nick Zammuto (r) and Paul de Jong (l) – formed in 2000 while living as neighbors in Manhattan. Nick plays guitar and Paul plays cello, and they play a combination of electronic music and folk, typically incorporating samples of obscure sounds and speech. They’ve released four full-length records to date: Thought for Food, The Lemon of PinkLost and Safe, and The Way Out, and a few other singles and EPs. 

They're also one of our favorite bands! Listen to an interview we recorded with Nick and Paul for Re:sound a few years ago.


ShortDocs producers at the 2010 tc conference
(click for audio)

Niall Farrell

Matt Purdy

Andrea Silenzi

Frances Willick

Julie Shapiro & The Books

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