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Holy cow! We knew that radio fans + The Books fans = successful recipe for a radio project, but we had no idea that more than 140 audio adventurers would try their hands (and ears) at the Book Odds Challenge. We couldn't be more pleased with the results, and hope you'll take some time to listen below, where they're sorted by song title and listed alphabetically by producer (thanks to the indefatigable Annie G.)

You may want to start with four submissions chosen as the
2010 Third Coast ShortDocs! 

All You Need is a (Separation Barrier)
by Niall Farrell / Derry / Northern Ireland
From Baghdad to Western Sahara, an alphabetic listing of the world’s prominent separation barriers builds a wall of its own.

(Bicycle) Chain of Missing Links
by Matt Purdy / current location Serbia
An 80 day bicycle trip from New York City to Seattle, camping and recording along the way, condensed into three minutes.

A Cold Freezin Night (for Doomed Lovers)
by Andrea Silenzi / Chicago, IL / USA
I said this is NUTS, and he agreed.

All You Need is a Wall - 16
by Frances Willick / Windsor, ON / Canada
In 2004, a group of Pride Day revellers gathered for a party on Creighton Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia and were treated to a riveting display of hermaphroditic slug sex. 

Read more about our annual ShortDocs Challenge, and listen to the 2010 TC Conference session featuring all four ShortDocs producers, and the Books!

And/or you can listen to submissions according to song title: 
A Cold Freezin Night
All You Need is a Wall
Chain of Missing Links
I Didn't Know That

And/or check out a random sampling of Book Odds.

If you're one of those people who'd like a bit more context (who could blame you?) read more about the Book Odds ShortDocs Challenge, including rules, regulations, and a few other tidbits.


A Cold Freezin Night

(For) A Cold Freezin Night
by Brendan Baker / Brooklyn, NY / USA
Music incorporating a performance of William Safford's poem "A Story That Could Be True" with Book Odds samples.

A Cold Freezin Ni(g)ht
by Shubha Bala / Minneapolis, MN / USA
Spelling Bee Champion Sheena needs to track down, and
bring back, the missing letter G for her new town in this radio drama for kids.

A Cold Freezin Night - 9
by Anna Boiko-Weyrauch / Enterprise, AL / USA
It gets cold in the desert at night and sound travels from really far away.

A Cold Freezin Night (Inverse Winter)
by Sarah Bromer / Tucson, AZ / USA
In Tucson, Arizona, summer is like winter in Canada.

A Cold Freezin Night - 8
by Liz Bustamante and Karen Gollrad / Chicago, IL / USA
An evening walk gives one man more than he bargained for.

A Cold Freezin Night (Adventure)
by Julien Clancy / Dublin / Ireland
You might imagine the desert to be a cold freezin place at night but not so. 

A Cold Freezin Night (on which people have the lamest conversation ever)
by Dennis Conrow / Kansas City, MO / USA
This is what happens on the last night of the Third Coast International Audio Festival, on a cold freezin’ October night in 2006...

A Cold Freezin Night - 15
by Maria Esaulkova, Kirill Golikov, Linda Ostanina and Elena Sviridova / Siberia / Russia
A detective story. "There was a murder of a young man, who had three mistresses. Which of them is a murderer?"

A Cold Freezin Night - 10
by Ross Farbe and Devin Hildebrand / New Orleans, LA
This song is a story about the magestical feelings and memories related to going fishing as a child.

A Cold Freezin Night - 13
by Michael Ferstenfeld / Austin, TX / USA
Austin, Texas based experimental performance art group Happiness is a Choice use improvisation and their unique style of meta-theater to learn about each other and about the moments that they share on stage.

A Cold Freezin Night - 6
by Nan Floyd / Colorado / USA
Each year smokejumpers (wildland firefighters who parachute into remote areas to fight forest fires) secure their jobs in part by running for it.

A Cold Freezin Night - 11
by Stephanie Foo / San Francisco, CA / USA
Jay came with me to a whiskey convention thinking that he was going to have a blast...but someone from his past throws his night into a painful meditation on love and whiskey. 

A Cold Freezin Night (On the Chain)
by Aviva Hirsch / Anchorage, AK / USA
Connie Fredenberg tells the story one of her coldest experiences in Nikolski Alaska.

A Cold Freezin Night - 12
by Matthew McVickar / Manoa, Honolulu, HI / USA
A nostalgic recollection of a late night out driving around and swimming with friends a few summers ago back on Cape Cod, where I grew up.

A Cold Freezin Night - 2
by Katie Mingle / Chicago, IL / USA
Was it just a dream? I can't remember now.

A Cold Freezin Night - 14
by David Newman & collaborator Adrienne G / Seattle, WA / USA
A stranger moves slowly through town and reflects on all that has happened.

A Cold Freezin Night - 7
by Katri Puro / Helsinki / Finland
Eventhough the cold causes fear and loathing in Finland, simplicity is found from the soul of the Finns: Sauna.

A Cold Freezin Night - 5
by Glenn Simonsen / Omaha, NE / USA
Recitation of the mystical English poem, "I Saw the Sun at Midnight, Rising Red", 1917 by Joesph Mary Plunkett and music by the Psalters.

A Cold Freezin Night - 1
by Geoff Storm / Utica, NY / USA
A stranger wanders into a rural village, seeking warmth and shelter from a sharp January night. Unfortunately his reception at the local watering hole is just as icy as the wind he’s trying to escape.

A Cold Freezin Night - 3
by Carolina Wheat / Chicago, IL / USA
A bone cold dusk brings the icy adventures of a third grader to a close as his babysitting-tween sister selfishly examines mortality.

A Cold Freezin Night - 4
by Eric Winick / Brooklyn, NY / USA
In which, to curb his kids' insatiable greed, the author's father takes it upon himself to call off one of the most anticipated holidays of the year.

A Clothing Frenzied
by Ben Zimmerman / Los Angeles, CA / USA
Ben ran The Books' samples through a sequenced Peavey Pro-Fex, made the track in Ableton, mastered it, fed it through a custom dynamic snipper and mastered it again.


All you Need is a wall

All You Need is a...
by Aengus Anderson / Tucson, AZ / USA
Two opposing groups of immigration protestors in Arizona attempt to define the word "wall" without referring to Mexico.

All You Need is a Wall - 8
by Zachary Baiel / West Lafayette, IN / USA
Mike shares the story of his start in the black market after he began dating a hippie woman named Samantha.

All You Need is a Wall - 11
by Katie Ball / Orlando, FL / USA
Divorce brings about unimagined ramifications.

All You Need is a Wall - 14
by Linda Besner / Toronto, ON / Canada
Dr. Geoffrey Rheaume conducts a tour of the 1860s patient-built wall outside Toronto's Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

All You Need is a Wall (Memo)
by Alix Blair / CA and IL / USA
Nothing makes sense when these things happen.

All You Need is a Wall - 2
by Chris Bolton / Portland, OR / USA
Nathan James tells the story of digging his first underground tunnel.

All You Need is a Wall (in Plato's Cave)
by Sarah Boothroyd / Ottawa, ON / Canada
A riff on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, in which humans are presented as prisoners who spend their entire lives staring at a cave wall, mistaking the shadows they see there for the totality of existence.

All You Need is a Wall (And i will find a way to walk right into it)
by Mira Burt-Wintonick / Montreal / Canada
A young woman's attempt at boosting her "street cred" goes horribly, awkwardly wrong.

All You Need is a Wall - 6
by Jane Cramer / Brooklyn, NY / USA
How to listen to a dance... with a wall.

All You Need is a Wall - 5
by Wil Crisp / Hackney, London / England
Since the 1880s Jews from all around the world have been called to Israel by the symbol of the Western Wall - but now there's a new wall where old friends meet.

All You Need is 4 Walls
by V. Dougherty / Queens, NY / USA
What 9 people need to make their houses feel like home.

All You Need is (gum on) a Wall
by Emily Eagle / Seattle, WA / USA
A monster grows while attracting tourists in downtown Seattle.

All You Need is a Wall (or, How to Dance in the Moonlight)
by Sam Greenspan / Washington, DC / USA
The Wall teaches David how to be free--and how to dance.

All You Need is a Wall (I, Too, Sing America)
by Adam Kampe / Washington, DC / USA
A high school teacher imagines what might happen when poet Langston Hughes, in his poem “I, Too, Sing America," has a chance to leave the kitchen he's confined to and actually sit at the table when company comes. 

All You Need is a Wall (The Infamous Elevator Story)
by Adam Kampe / Washington, DC / USA
The close quarters of an elevator make for a particularly suffocating ride after someone, um, passes gas. 

All You Need is a Wall (or Rat Shootin')
by Devin Katayama / Chicago, IL / USA
A micro-doc of a man's love of shootin' rats, while absorbing the laid back city life from his back porch.

All You Need is a Wall - 17
by Lauren Kirby / Lawrence, KS / USA
There he stood, stout and smirking, with a handlebar moustache - I felt like he was looking right at me.

All You Need is a Wall - 13
by Mia Lobel / Red Hook, NY / USA
A meditation on big changes, building walls, and breaking them down again.

All You Need is a Wall - 18
by Sue Muldowney / Chicago, IL / USA
We remember some events as shockingly impossible, and yet just as easily, they could have happened to any one of us.

All You Need is a Wall - 12
by Ben Pagac / Annapolis, MD / USA
A journey of discovery, passion, nature, and conscience.

All You Need is a Wall - 10
by Marijke Peters and Henry Hocking / Amsterdam / Netherlands
Writers' block forces an author to reconsider her approach to a lack of inspiration.

All You Need is a Wall (Snoreasurus)
by Jeremy Reichardt / Los Angeles, CA / USA
Recordings of not sleeping.

All You Need is a Wall (For A Classroom)
by Aaron Sand / New York City, NY / USA
A few late students help us understand why the classroom is a special place.

All You Need is a Microwave
by David Schultz / Washington, D.C / USA
Sometimes interviews take strange turns - especially when the interviewee is a nine-year-old boxer with an inventive imagination.

All You Need is The Wall
by Chris Sewell / Seattle, WA / USA
Audio collage pieced together from sound effects in Pink Floyd's 1979 album "The Wall."

All You Need is a Wall - 9
by Patrick Skahill / Hartford, CT / USA
A master clock maker explains why he's devoted his life to the clocks we hang on our walls.

All You Need is a Wall - 4
by Philip Smith / Cumberland Gap, TN / USA
An exercise in time condensation, or more simply time travel, in which the cave wall serves as interface between past and present, human and animal, Philip Smith, librarian, reads excerpts from two books about Upper Paleolithic cave art.

All You Need is a Wall - 15
by Alexander Stephens / Chapel Hill, NC / USA
A young man, lost in sound, finds his way through the wall.

All You Need is a Wall - 1
by Jill Strauss / Durham, NC / USA
Grace De Pass is fascinated with life at the laundromat. Her first trip to one, back in 1964, was particularly memorable.

All You Need is a Wall (or at least one good idea...)
by Catie Talarski / Hartford, CT / USA
Producer Catie Talarski and her eleven-year-old brother get to work creating their annual Thirdcoast Shortdoc.

All You Need is a Wall (of Noise)
by Chris Trimmer / Kingston, ON / Canada
A personal account of Hendrick’s adjustment to a hearing impairment, causing him to navigate a world of unwanted sound, is arranged with interviews of two friends recounting a noisy concert experience to help create a perception of what it’s like to live behind a wall of noise.

All You Need is a Wall (A Wall With You)
by Nick van der Kolk / Chicago, IL / USA
Symphonic punk country disco.

All You Need is a Wall - 7
by Shaun D. Wilson and Sonia Yee / Wellington / New Zealand
The problems regarding journeying through a metaphorical landscape.

All You Need is a Wall - 3
by Eric Winick / Brooklyn, NY / USA
In which the author, at a low point, embarks on a relationship with his housemate -- only to learn that she is bipolar and prone to some odd behavior.


Chain of Missing Links

Chain of Missing Links - 2
by Eve Abrams / New Orleans, LA / USA
Eve Abrams was inspired by the heartfelt reactions of her first grade students to the tragedy currently unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico and in their coastal communities.

Chain of Missing Links - 9
by Masaki Araya / Chicago, IL / USA
Sharla Cooper of the organization, Whole Foodies, explains how whole food is greater than the sum of its refined parts.

Chain of Missing Links (with the Fourth of July)
by Zachary Baiel / West Lafayette, IN / USA
Recordings of celebration in a distant land.

Chain of Missing Links - 36
by Jonathan Beier, JJ Hurvich and Tad Klimp / Berlin / Germany
A German and a Jew attempt to discover the relationship between their past and present - but their conversation proves only to weave a distorted map of missing links.

Chain of Missing Links - 13
by Ioana Baldea / Bucharest / Romania
This is a story about human love, fear, loneliness and self-perception in the neverending journey of life in the modern world.

Chain of Missing Links (El Pájaro Volador)
by Brendan Baker / Brooklyn, NY / USA
Spanish guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Rosalia Roio talks about her Pájaro Volador ("Flying Bird"), one of her many homemade instruments built from recycled objects.

Chain of Missing Links - 3
by Molly Bennett / Fair Oaks, CA / USA
Mary Amoroso, who just had her ninety-fifth birthday, leaves a confused message on her boyfriend’s answering machine.

Chain of Missing Links (& More)
by Jennifer Brandel / Chicago, IL / USA
Jennifer Brandel Just when you're convinced someone is gone as you knew them...

Chain of Missing Links - 7
by Claire Caldwell / Montreal, Quebec / Canada
A dreamer offers a peek into the quirky logic of her sleeping mind.

Chain of Missing Links - 16
by Rob Chabebe / New York, NY / USA
A conversation between a middle aged man living near the Lincoln Tunnel and his new friend Mr. Army.

Chain of Missing Links - 25
by Marnie Chesterton and Henry Hocking / Amsterdam / Netherlands
The chains that code for our genes only make up 2% of our DNA, which means the purpose of the rest of the stuff is a bit of a mystery....

Chain of Missing Links - 33
by Colm Coyne / Dublin / Ireland
Peter Wallace left the village of Leenane in the west of Ireland for the building sites of England and Germany in 1969 at 19 years of age; he came to live in Leeane once again in 2004.

Chain of Missing Links - 20
by Wil Crisp / Hackney, London / England
In a world of billion dollar 'stimulus packages' and Web 2.0 consumer profiling how can you break free of the chains of commerce (and get cheap kicks at the same time)?

Chain of Missing Links - 21
by Foster Gesten / Holmes Beach, FL / USA
Unheard conversations of axons and dendrites.

Chain of Missing Links - 6
by Josh Gibbs / Sydney, New South Wales / Australia
An age-old story told by ex-slave Alice Gaston, speaking of her former masters, and hearing the constant rattle of long-gone chains.

Chain of Missing Links - 31
by Katy Giebenhain & Sue Muldowney / PA - IL / USA
A young woman takes up knitting and finds an irresistible combination of wool and whiskey, peace and productivity.

Chain of Missing Links - 19
by Julia Grant / Toronto / Canada
A story of love found, and lost, and the spaces in between.

Chain of Missing Links - 22
by Jessica Grosman / Montreal, Quebec / Canada
A series of archived Craigslist Missed Connections email messages are recorded and re-recorded and with each sent message the message deteriorates.

Chain of Missing Links - 5
by Devin Hildebrand / New Orleans, LA / USA
The non-fiction scattered story of Devin Hildebrand's family Christmas '95, when his sister received a real kitten, Jodi, just like she wanted, among other things.

Chain of Missing Links - 10
by Andrew Hood / Philadelphia, PA / USA
The pastor in this fictional drama is the main character in a half-completed short story.

Chain of Missing Links (for a nervous kitty)
by Tom Horan / Austin, TX / USA
Jenn Hartmann was moving from New York to Los Angeles, but she had to find a way to bring her nervous kitty. Unfortunately, she decided to fly.

Chain of Missing Links - 17
by Max Jungreis / Anchorage, AK / USA
A brief look at the issue of substance abuse among Alaskan youth.

Chain of Missing Links (Objects and Their Owners)
by David Keto / Bozeman, MT / USA
Stories of how people become connected to objects and about how we let these objects go at a garage sale.

Chain of Missing Links - 30
by Lauren Kirby / Lawrence, KS / USA
Twin Peaks to Tanzania: an aural stream of conscious.

Chain of Missing Links - 26
by Kajsa Kvaale / Copenhagen / Denmark
This audio story is about seeking happiness away from home.

Chain of Missing Links - 29
by Erik Laar / Toronto, Ontario / Canada
A quarky upbeat piece playing with the idea of broadcasting emotions through computer screens and loving each other via satellite.

Chain of Missing Links - 4
by Annie Lesser / Brooklyn, NY / USA
A three hour span of time, boys, and awkward breaks in life.

Chain of Missing Links (of Art)
by Jakob Vedel Lisbjerg / Copenhagen / Denmark
What is art? What is an artist? These are questions you need to ask yourself when confronted with Aaron - a computer controlled machine making art.

Chain of Missing Links - 24
by Ruth Lopez / Chicago, IL / USA
The author recalls an incident from the past but wonders how much of it is real in this 3 minute piece about memory, ice cream and Lou Reed.

Chain of Missing Links - 27
by Cheryl McPhilimy and Tony Green / Chicago, IL / USA
A mother and daughter assess the plight of a neighbor.

Chain of Missing Links - 14
by Pauliina Motturi / Helsinki / Finland
A story of what might have happened that night in the dark alleyways of the dingy part of Helsinki.

Chain Of Missing Links - 1
by Rachael Myrow / San Francisco, CA / USA
Randy Morton of Pacific Piano Supply in Chatsworth, California talks as he prepares to re-string the Myrow family Steinway.

Chain of Missing Links - 35
by Milissa Orzolek / New Orleans, LA / USA
After learning of the bike shop's impending eviction, R.U.B.A.R.B. (Rusted Up Beyond All Recognition Bikes) volunteers share their memories and discuss possible future locations.

Chain of Missing Links - 8
by Andrew Parsons / New York City, NY / USA
Inspired by an non-fiction interview included in the piece, here's a 3-perspective fictional story of a working class carpenter who dresses up as a woman at night and roams around a small, quiet town.

Chain of Missing Links (de Unamuno)
by Sofia Saldanha / London / England
Miguel de Unamuno is a very important figure in Spanish history, but his great grandson is much further away from him than any other person in Spain.

Chain of Missing Links - 34
by Neil Sandell / Canada
A contagion of phone messages add up to an empty office.

Chain of Missing Links - 28
by Kimberly Scarabello / Champaign-Urbana, IL / USA
Using the memoirs of a young college student battling depression, this is an illustration of the turmoil that goes on in the mind of someone dealing with a mental illness. 

Chain of Missing Links - 32
by Steve Schwarz / Chicago, IL / USA
An experimental jam using circuit-bent toys, laptop, and vocoder created at the weekly eSymposium hosted by Patrick McCarthy of Roth Mobot and held at Lizard's Liquid Lounge.

Chain of Missing Links - 12
by Glen Simonsen / Omaha, NE / USA
In which Dr. Robert W. Smith, University of Nebraska Chemistry professor, describes the enormity of distance between an organic molecule and the smallest living cell.

Chain of Missing Links - 18
by Paul Staunton and Rachel Ni Chuinn / Ireland
A relationship based on missed meetings and message machines.

Chain of Missing Links (A Case of Musical Stairs)
by Joanna Stein and Nicole Beemsterboer / Washington, DC / USA
Producers Joanna Stein and Nicole Beemsterboer take their ears underground and find the origin of some mysterious music.

Chain of Missing Links (and beyond)
by Dixie Treichel / Minneapolis, MN / USA
Beginning is always a challenge but thoughts once thought unconnected create a story.

Chain of Missing Links - 15
by Dan Weissmann / Chicago, IL / USA
In which Calvin reflects on the meaning and measure of fatherhood.

Chain of Missing Links - 11
by Eric Winick / Brooklyn, NY / USA
In which, following a rock concert, the author is accidentally left by friends at an outdoor amphitheater ninety minutes from his home town.

Chain of Missing Links - 23
by Katherine Wells / Brooklyn, NY / USA
Can you believe there were this many things on top of the ground? Some of them have been worked and are beautiful.


I Didn't Know That

I Didn't Know That (about hotel housekeepers)
by Mieke Anderson / Toronto, ON / Canada
Learning the A, B, C’s of housekeeping.

I Didn't Know That (A Father's Conversion)
by Tina Antolini / Brooklyn, NY / USA
A man who would later become a priest describes the day of his conversion.

I Didn't Know That - 1
by Masaki Araya and D.C. Williams / Chicago, IL / USA
A working man spots a beautiful woman in a restaurant while waiting for his food.

I Didn't Know That - 10
by Jenny Asarnow and Emily Eagle / Seattle, WA / USA
On a rare sunny day in Seattle, we walk around the neighborhood and learn from strangers what we don't know.

I Didn't Know That (An Artist's Story)
by Diane Bock / Santa Barbara, CA / USA
A young husband and father leaves behind the (relative) security of his corporate cubicle to pursue life as a full-time artist.

I Didn't Know That - 4
by Elena Botkin-Levy / Oakland, CA / USA
A sea-side story of what seagulls might eat, or not.

I Didn't Know That - 9
by Joe Bruce and Veronica Soria-Martinez / Rockford, IL / USA
A man drives through rural Illinois to find an answer to future questions.

I Didn't Know That (A Short People's History of the United States)
by Stephanie Coleman / Brooklyn, NY / USA
A young rendering of an old story. All contributors are between the ages of five and eight.

I Didn't Know That - 7
by Rowan Corkill / St. Andrews, Fife / Scotland
A first-hand account of a strange event overheard on a bus.

(I Wish That) I Didn't Know That
by Jamie Courville / Brooklyn, NY / USA
Several years after a life-threatening accident, Elizabeth understands what most of us can't.

I Didn't Know That (I'd Have a Child)
by Michael DeBonis / Chicago, IL / USA
For most of her life, Caitlin didn't want to have children, but after thirteen years with Devin and a change of heart, she is expecting a son.

I Didn't Know That - 13
by Jennifer Deer / Durham, NC / USA
I realized after the fact that this is basically a cover of Aerosmith's "Dream On," for chorus of female voices.

I Didn't Know That (Blindwalking)
by Ksenia Donskaya, Artyom Vysochenko, & Andrey Pronin / Russia
It's rather difficult to walk down the street with your eyes closed. But one of us tried to, here is the result.

I Didn't Know That (I Was an Albino)
by Stephanie Foo / San Francisco, CA / USA
Thomas Bryant Jr. grew up as an African-American with albinism in Washington D.C. during the civil rights movement--a very complicated time to be in between. 

I Didn't Know That (Hell's Calliope)
by Hester L. Fuller / New London, NH / USA
Antoinette Jacobson, a sculptor from Norwich, VT, demonstrates her "pyrophone" (fire organ) on a chilly October night on the quad at Colby-Sawyer College in New London NH.

I Didn't Know That - 11
by Tony Green / Chicago, IL / USA
An innocent (?) bystander observes a traffic accident and is surprised by his reaction.

I Didn't Know That - 14
by Natasha Haverty / Rockport, MA / USA
An improvised scene by Brendan Pelsue and Natasha Haverty, set in an imagined seaside town.

I Didn't Know That (road trip)
by Zoe Irvine / Edinburgh / Scotland
A journey to find a specific house by a lake. Recorded in the Lake Simcoe area of Ontario, Canada.

I Didn't Know That (art)
by Peggy Keiner / Chicago, IL / USA
When an elementary school teacher who has never taken an art class is asked to be a presenter at an art awards ceremony, she enlists the help of students and parents to explain to her what art actually is.

I Didn't Know That (I was capable)
by Joe Johnson / Bozeman, MT / USA
One man's struggle with himself and his family while trying to maintain his faith in God.

I Didn't Know That (Lost on Lost)
by Justin McLachlan / Los Angeles, CA / USA
Justin McLachlan talked with some Lost superfans waiting to watch the series finale about all the things he didn't know he didn't know about the show.

(Bon Jovi) Didn't Know That
by Steve Nelson / St. Paul, MN / USA
When up and coming pop singer Alison Scott loses the chance to open for Bon Jovi, there’s only one person who can help.

I Didn't Know That...(a different kind of romance)
by Kaitlin Prest / Montreal / Canada
Kaitlin and her recorder sitting in a tree…with Kelly the herbalist discussing the possibilities of plant-loving.

I Didn't Know That (Un Hombre, su Perro, su Caballo, y Cielo)
by Jesse Ricke / New York, NY / USA
Field recordings of a Peruvian Pentecostal church service were used as a base for this piece, with which samples from The Books were incorporated in support of the narration of a spanish folk tale about the nature of heaven and best friends.

I Didn't Know That (Whozaphone)
by Lacy Roberts / Oakland, CA / USA
Shelley seeks solitude with her hand-cranked whozaphone, but instead finds a friend in the Outer Limits.

I Didn't Know That (Why They Make Us Laugh)
by Adam Rose-Levy / Anchorage, AK / USA
A piece which explores the psychological aspects of stand-up comedy and offers insight into the seemingly simple world of the comedian.

I Didn't Know That - 2
by Sofia Saldanha / London / England
Tamzen Moulding didn't know what was really happening behind
the illusionary side of showbiz.

I Didn't Know That Students Had Two Lives
by Aaron Sand / New York City, NY / USA
A teacher discovers that one of her students is a murderer and another accidentally misses the killing.

I Didn't Know That - 3
by Glenn Simonsen / Omaha, NE / USA
A 14 year old Somali boy describes a method of killing a lion by hand.

I Didn't Know That (You Were a Muslim)
by Tali Singer / Portland, OR and Waltham, MA / USA
A portrait of how a recent college graduate came to Islam, and the story of what happened when her parents found out she'd converted.

I Didn't Know That - 5
by Paul Staunton and Rachel Ni Chuinn / Ireland
A woman realizes that her partner isn't all she thought he was.

I Didn't Know That - 12
by Kendall Taggart / Oakland, CA / USA
In a small, urban forest hidden inside San Francisco's Tenderloin district, a curious group of nine and ten year old children are learning to sew.

I Didn't Know That - 6
by Tom Tenney / Brooklyn, NY / USA
A sonic exploration of state-controlled "truths," created almost entirely from appropriated public domain educational and military-training films.

I Didn't Know That - 8
by Farsheed Toosi and Fereshteh Toosi / Chicago, IL / USA
Sisters Joyce Brilbeck and Kaye Logan share memories about growing up around Ballantyne Road near Onondaga Creek in Syracuse, NY.

I Didn't Know That (about windows)
by Megan Williams / Rome / Italy
Megan Williams' friend Lorella talks about the social experiment she conducts on a bus in Milan, Italy each August.

I Didn't Know That (Eyeborgs Really Exist)
by Britt Wray / ON / Canada
A Canadian filmmaker who lost his eye replaces his prosthetic with a bionic camera-eye so he can shoot documentary video from his pupil.


Each of the Book Odds in the Repository is named after a song title from The Books newly-released record The Way Out, and includes at least one mp3 from each "sample bucket" below.

(choose one for your Book Odd title)

"A Cold Freezin Night"
"All You Need is a Wall"
"Chain of Missing Links"
"I Didn't Know That"

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- buzz note
- strange town
- winding coinbox
- with youououou

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- clarinet clock loop
- eros vibraphone
- note manual
- scaledown

About the Books

The Books - Nick Zammuto (r) and Paul de Jong (l) – formed in 2000 while living as neighbors in Manhattan. Nick plays guitar and Paul plays cello, and they play a combination of electronic music and folk, typically incorporating samples of obscure sounds and speech. They’ve released a few singles and EPs, and four full-length records to date: Thought for Food, The Lemon of PinkLost and Safe, and the brand new (!) The Way Out.

They're also one of our favorite bands! Listen to an interview we recorded with Nick and Paul for Re:sound a few years ago.

P.S. Yes! That's a Third Coast t-shirt Nick's wearing.

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