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NOW IT'S YOUR TURN to make radio!!


For the 2012 ShortDocs Challenge we teamed up with EveryBlock, a Chicago-based website and online forum for neighborhood and community solidarity, and SoundCloud, the excellent social sound platform.

With EveryBlock's mission in mind and with their help, we established a set of challening/fun rules for this year's Challenge: Stories had to feature at least two neighbors, involve three seconds of narrative silence, and include a color in the title.

Then we issued an open call far and wide, inviting anyone and everyone to "make radio" - short audio stories (up to three minutes) that followed these rules.

One hundred and eighty ShortDocs were submitted (a record!) from 21 countries (another record!). Four were chosen as the 2012 ShortDocs winners, and will be presented, with producers and Team EveryBlock on-hand, during the opening session of the 2012 Third Coast Conference

Additionally, winners received a free, one-year, SoundCloud Pro Plus account (worth ~$650). And by the way: the first 20 ShortDocs submitters received a free, one-year, SoundCloud Solo account (worth ~$90). 

Now, on to the exciting stuff:

Announcing the 2012 ShortDocs winners!

The Red, White, and Blue Bus, by Luke Eldridge 

Crown the King: Red Takes Black, by Adam Kampe 

Red, White, and Bruised, by John Musto & Brian Barnhart Jr. 

Glass, Not Glitter, by Abby Wendle 

(Yes, we're also suprised that 3 of 4 winners have "red" in the title.)

2012 ShortDocs Submissions

And here are links to the rest of this year's submissions, listed alphabetically by producer within their color groupings, according to titles. We think you should listen to ALL of them, but if you're the type that likes guidance in such matters, you might start with some of our favorites, designated below with asterisks. Happy listening!

Red Beeps
, by Aaron Arreguin

The Red Cardigan, by Milos Balac

Caught Red Handed, by Chris Berube

Romance at the Red Line Tap, by Tricia Bobeda

We Do Know There's a Red Shelf in Their Living Room, by Alison Broverman

Hearing Red, by Andy Cox

The Red That's Left Behind, by Zac Cranko, Paul Exarhos, and Lynne Segal

Crimson Cries, Blue Echoes, by Mary T. Diorio-Schilling

The Red House on Maple, by Josh Freund

Faded Red Valentines, by Bianca Giaever

Romantic Red Love, But Not in Sweden, by Leni Günther *

I Still Dream of My Grandfather's Red Roses, by Phoebe Hart

Fwd: Have You Red the 'Welcome Back to the D' E-mail?, by Laura Herberg

Strawberry Margaritas, by Kerry Klein

Redbricks and Weatherboards, by Jaye Kranz *

Red, White, and Black With Some Gold, by Gehad Mahmoud

Seeing Red, by Tori Marlan *

Murder at the Abanoned Red Paint Factory, by Laura Mayer

Threat Level: Red Light, by Jefferson Mok

Red Envelope Fairy, by Jonah Newman

Fire Engine Red, by Veronica Simmonds

Red Brick Houses, by Carol Spindel

Red Van Refuge, by Tennessee Watson

Roses are Red, Sandwiches are Yellow, by Sejan Yun


Pink Pong, by Daniel Martin-Borret

Behind Pink Walls: In Search of a Sound, by Laine Kaplan Levenson

A Coral Chain, by Zak Rosen *

Pretty in Pink, by Jessica Speer

Unobstructed Pink and Blue, by Jennifer Swann


Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Lutheran?, by Bradley Campbell

Orangey Brown Meets Yellow and Black, by Emily Eagle

Orange Pigeons at the Legion Post, by Sam Fuqua

The Tyranny of the Orange Ticket, by Elizabeth Harball

Orange Blossom and the Continuous Cut, by John Lietzau

On the Orange Dusty Streets, by Helene Thomas


Bee a Good Neighbor - They'll Give You Gold, by Tom Allan *

That Mill House Yellow, by Nick Andersen *

Yellow Beaks, Black Feathers, Red Blood, by Mollie Bloudoff-Indelicato

Yellow Short Pants, by Julien Clancy

Yellow Bellied White Woman Fights the Blues (Sat 11-5), by Jane Cramer *

(Gold)en Age of the Newspaper Business, by Charles Ketchabaw & Lisa Marie DiLiberto

If Bob Was a Fruit, He'd Be a Yellow Quince, by Helen Kost

The Yellow Living Room, by Dennis Conrow & Adrianne Mathiowetz

That Banana Is Yellow, by Aleis Murphy

White Gold: Fridge Politics of a Student House, by Chris Pearson

A Golden Summer, by James Vyver

Gold Dust, by Lawrence Yeung


Anthony and the Green Goats, by Jenny Ament

From Green to Gone, by Hannah Ayers

The Commons Green, by Katharine Broida

Green Slime and Dark Days: Neighbors in 4D, by Marnie Chesterton

The Green Door to the Future, by Will Coley

Being Green is Easy, by George Drake, Jr.

Ernie's Green Free Tree, by Nancy Camden *

Greens at Gloria's, by Laura Coiffee & Annie Gilbertson 

Greenness Envy, by Eileen Heyes

Green Pilings, by Emily Liner

72 Steps Above the Green, by Geoff McQueen *

The Green Controller, by Alejandro Remigio

Green Convenience Store, by Rosy Rickett

Green Fingers Gather, by Vaska Trajkovska

Who's Sleeping on the Green Couch Tonight?, by Becky Vevea

The Green Tree Dervish, by Abby Wendle


And The Dumpster is Blue, by Michael Abramczyk

Man With a Blue Truck, by Eve Abrams *

On the Day I Died it Was Mostly Blues, by Alix Blair *

Blue Blood in the Boulevard, by Michael Boland

Look Toward the Blue, by Laura Candler

Bye Bye Blue Bird, by Jean-Paul Davidson

True Blue Light, by David Engen & Robert Jersak *

Blue Radio Day, by Chuse Fernandez

Coach Class it Up in the Wild Blue Yonder, by Melissa Gerr

Out of the Blue, by Bianca Giaever

Forget Me Not Suburban St. Louis, For You Are the Site of my Sexual Liberation, by Mary R. Gould and Daniel Makagon

Bing Fu is Not Blue, by Julia Grant

Shades of Blue, by Sara Harris

East Oakland (in Blue), by Dash Hay

Doggie House Blues, by Zena Kells

Control the Blue, by Stephen Key

Oh, Where Have You Been, My Blue-Eyed Son?, by Belinda Lopez *

Duke's Street Corner Blues, by Kristina Loring

(Blue) Locker Partners, by Linda Lutton 

Dancing Away the Teaching Blues, by Julie Ma

New Neighbor Blues, by Joseph Molinelli & Susan Kemp

False Teeth, True Love, and Blueberry Pie, by Emily Newton

Sweet Blue Wren, by Anthea Patrick

#0000FF is Blue, by Chris Pollard

Midnight Blues, by Justin Perleoni & Chris Savell

Blue Skies, Black Fence, by Catie Talarkski

Peacock Blues, by Ellen Stewart

Whistler in Blue (Sweater), by Ramona Stout & Kevin Speck

True Blue - The Story of ANZAC Day, by David Stephenson

My Blue Bucket, by Helene Thomas *

Mother Nature's Blues, by Djinnie Timolean & Alexandros Zervos

Recollections Dream in Blue, by Matthew Wilmott

All Grown Up Blues, by Eric Winick

Ray, White, and Blue, by Marisa Wong

Purple Purpose, by Zachary Baiel

Mike Schmidt on a Purple Bike, by Amanda Culkowski & Andrew Trimbach

At First Blush: The Case of the Girl in the Purple Hoodie, by Erin Davis

The Purple and the White: What's Up With Talley's Alley?, by David Green

The Wine Dark Sea, by Whitney Jones

If Wisteria Could Speak, by Aileen Lian

She's Hearing Mauve, by Shaun D. Wilson & Kate Norquay

Drawing the Purple Line, by Natalie Rothfels

The Purple-Spotted Sock, by Sigrid Saabye *


The Internet in Sepia, by Helena de Groot

Ordinary Brown Frogs, by Maartje Duin

If My Cream Walls Could Talk, by Louisa Fearnley

How to Realize That Far-Off, Povery-Stricken, Deathly Ill Brown People Are Your Neighbors Too, by Mateo Hinojosa

Coffee and Cream, by David Hovar

Eight Beige Floors, by Abbigail Keel

Her Beautiful Brown Burden, by Ashley Kim

The Color of Somebody's Skin, by Andy Mills

Logan Square's Brown Bread Underground, by Annie Minoff *

Ten Daughters One Dairy, The Brown Family Farm, by Emily Newton

Through the Perforated Tan Walls, by Kim Peterson

Past the Brown Rice on Aisle 6, by Audrey Quinn

Sunset Ridge Brown, by Bill Ratner 

Sepia Elsie, by Aaron Sand 

Revived Ivory: A Musical Instrument Lending Library, by Chris Trimmer


The White House, by Daniel Baker

Missing White Cat, by Sarah Bromer

Whitey's Rules, by Gideon Brower & Eric Drachman *

Game, Set and Tennis Whites, by Jo Coleman

Random Ghost Behavior: The Center is Always White, by Jacob Gigler-Caro

Coloring the Great White North, by Brad Delzer & Erika Lorentzsen

Neighborhood Crimes: When Black and White is Gray, by Brad Delzer & Erika Lorentzsen

Some White Noise, by Kim Fox

Meeting in a White Stairs, by Pedro Garbellini da Silva

White Noise, by Shannon Geis & Pamela Schwartz

White Picket Pretense, by Christy & Cameron Hughes

The Invisible Neighborhood: The Making and Unmaking of Home, by Caroline Losneck

The Man with the Long White Beard, by Scott Pham * 


Rudy's Gray Area, by Jennifer Brandel *

Gray Day Gin and Juice, by Will Davis & Carol Narigon

Everyone Forgets the Grey Horizon, by Jack Gobillot

Shadows of Grey in the Corner of Your Eye: Your Universe is Not My Universe, by Kimberly Haas

Miracle in Gray and White, by Katie Klocksin *

The Gray Area, by Luke & Quinlan Kyp-Johnson

A Dash of Eastern Grey, by Mara Maracinescu

Battleship Grey, by Danielle Nerman

The Gray Wisteria of Gilman Terrace, by Katherine Perry

Grey Areas, by Dave Pickering

Flecks of Grey, by Pidgey

How Chicago Hip Hop Went Platinum, by Sophia Posnock

Scaredy Cats (In Grey Scale), by Michael Savic

Loving Charcoal, by Eric Winick *

Grey Skies and Packed Basements, by Britt Wray


Black Box, by Pascalle Burton

Rear Window, Black and White, 1954, by Caterina Clerici

Duck. Duck? (Black) Goose!, by Colm Coyne

The Black Dog: If You're Going Through Hell, Keep Going, by Mairéad Cullen & Michael McNamara

Behind Black Bars, by Kyle Greufe

Black, White, and Green, by Frank Karall

Black and Blue, Not Pink, by Lindsey Kratochwill

Black Coffee, by Joanne Lam

A Silent Tornado, A Long, Black Night, by Mary Helen Miller *

Barmy Banff Bingo Blackout!, by Alyssa Moxley

Paint the Amish Horse Black and White, by Emily Newton

We Thought He Had a Black Heart, by Clemence Petit-Perrot *

Happy in Black and White, by Nancy Previs

Black Paris Spleen, American Mouths, by Ajai Raj

Afro-dite's Black and Blues, by Diedra Roesijadi

Black and White and Read All Over, by Julie Shapiro

A Black Tie Affair, by softirishrain

Our Blacktop, by Noah Vandercook

Black Cat in the Room, by Mike Williams

Soft Footsteps Fade to Black, by Matthew Wilmott


Sorry, submissions are no longer being accepted. But you can listen to nearly ~180 neighbor stories on this page and also here

Remember! each shortdocs submission must: 

- Feature at least two neighbors

- Include a color in your title

- Include three consecutive seconds of narrative silence


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Questions? We may have answers. If not, ask away.

Thanks to our Collaborator:

EveryBlock is a Chicago-based website and online forum that encourages neighbors to connect and share information about their neighborhoods. EB exists in 16 cities across the US, with tens of thousands of active members who regularly engage in lively discussions and storytelling about where they live, from debates about local issues to notices about lost pets, parades, local businesses, and community concerns. Find out more and join the conversation in your neighborhood.

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