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2013 SHorTDocs Submissions


For this year's ShortDocs Challenge, a collaboration with the food-championing James Beard Foundation, producers and listeners alike were invited to produce short audio works (2 - 3 minutes) inspired by the idea of "appetite," presented in "courses," and including one of the five tastes in the title: bitter, salt, sour, sweet or umami. 

Find out more about the 2013 ShortDocs Challenge, including the full list of rules, incentives, our fabulous ShortDocs Chefs, and all the fine print ingredients.

announcing the 2013 shortdocs winners!

Congrats to this year's ShortDocs winners, painstakingly selected from the pool of ~240 submissions. Third Coast and James Beard Foundation staff selected four stories and the public voted on our first-ever "People's ShortDoc."

My Umami Gas Mask 
by Sam Agee / Boulder, CO

Salt on the Lips 
by Jenny Asarnow / Seattle, WA

The Last Morning was a Sweet One
by Alix Blair / Carrboro, NC

Sel: Trois Façons (Salt: Three Ways)
by Kelly Jones / Guelph, Canada

People's ShortDoc Award winner:
Blackbird Pot Pie: Not the Pie Umami Made
by Mary T. Diorio Schilling / Alloway, NJ

All five winners will be presented at the Third Coast Filmless Festival, along with unique dishes they've inspired from our fabulous ShortDocs Chefs: Rick Bayless(Frontera), Abraham Conlon (Fat Rice), Jason Hammel (Lula Cafe), Paula Haney (Hoosier Mama Pie Company) and Iliana Regan (Elizabeth Restaurant).


Hungry for more appetite stories? Bite into the complete list of 2013 ShortDocs, sorted below by taste, and listed alphabetically by producer.

And if you're wondering where to start, who could blame you? While we love each and every submission, we've noted a bunch we think you'll dig. Look for the *red asterisks*, as you make your way through this all-you-can-listen-to buffet. But by all means, be sure to sample others too...



The Bitter, the Sour and the Sweet
by Basma Abdelhafiz / Cairo, Egypt

Making a Bitter Beast into a Sweet Meat
by Tina Antolini / Northampton, MA

In Search of Bitter Greens
by Bridget Bancroft and Erica Stone / Chicago, IL *

Feast and Famine: A Bitter Cure to Finally Forgetting Your Ex
by Maxine Bergevin / Toronto, Canada 

A Juicy Trip from Bitter to Savory
by Sydney Beveridge / New York, NY *

Bitter Yellow Pills
by Lorraine Boissoneault / New York, NY 

A Sweet Illusion for the Bitter Tuition
by Mickey Capper / Novato, CA

My Bitter Self-Discovery
by Henry Cohn-Geltner / Philadelphia, PA *

The Bitter Taste of Nicotine
by Kay Collins / Chicago, IL

Three Bitter Stories of Food and a Cruel Song
by Laurence Courtois / Paris, France 

Bitter and In
by Bridget Doherty / Bronxville, NY

Bitter Destruction, Sweet Return
by Emily Files / Oak Park, IL 

Bitter Herbs, Sweet Freedom
by Frimet Goldberger / Airmont, NY *

A Bitter Fight Against Child Hunger
by Leah Kaliher / Old Orchard Beach, ME

A Bitter Betrayal
by Jennifer Kirby / Chicago, IL

A Bagel's Bitter End
by Amy Kraft / New York, NY 

No Appetite for Bitter Old Men
by Ruslan Kulski / Bunbury, Australia *

Taste of Bitter Love
by Michael Lewis / St. Louis, MO

The Bitter Taste of Reality 
by Manda Lillie / Minneapolis, MN 

Bitter Starts, Savory Endings 
by Ricardo Marinez / Arlington Heights, IL

The Bitter Loss of Flavour
by Charlotte McDonald / London, UK

Bottled Zeitgeist: The Bitter Spirit of the Times
by Ryan McLeod / Palo Alto, CA *

The Bitter Journey of a Chicken
by Elisa Medina / Oak Lawn, IL 

A Bitter Life
by Mohammed Nagi / Cairo, Egypt 

Bitter Knowledge
by Kelsey Padgett / New York, NY

The Bitter Sound of Food
by Carlo Patrão / Lisbon, Portugal *

Lemon, Lime and Bitters
by Tawar Razaghi, Miles Martignoni and Lucie Robson / Sydney, Australia

Night of the Bitter Pizza Boy
by Stephen Rickard / Seattle, WA *

Bitter Taste Memory 
by Julia Scott / San Francisco, CA

Bitter Taste of Murder
by Elisa Shoenberger and Scott Priz / Chicago, IL 

The Bitter End
by Julia Stone / Walla Walla, WA 

She's Not Bitter
by Michela Tindera / Cincinnati, OH

The Bitter Story of the Saddest City in the World
by Paul Zenke and Adam Malecek / Madison, WI



The Problem with Salty Water
by Aoife Allen / Naas, Ireland

Salt on the Lips
by Jenny Asarnow / Seattle, WA *

Salty Import
by Caryn Berman / Lincolnwood, IL *

Salt in the Air
by Megan Clark / Alberta, Canada 

Savoring the Salty Ritual
by Sara Curtis / San Francisco, CA *

Salty Snails for Christmas
by Suzanne El-Cheikh / Cairo, Egypt 

Salty Eyebrows
by Tessa Dowdell / Sydney, Australia *

Salty Relocation 
by Kim Fox / Cairo, Egypt *

Diana and the Bacon: A Chef's Last Salty Cravings
by Thalia Gigerenzer / London, UK

Summersault featuring Lumberjockey
by Julia Grant and Scott Barber / Toronto, Canada

Don't Forget to Feed Your Soul... Food (A Salty Reminder)
by Sally Herships / New York, NY

Lunch Club: A Salty Manifesto
by Ian Davis and Mwende Hahesy / Oakland, CA *

Sel: Trois Façons (Salt: Three Ways)
by Kelly Jones / Guelph, Canada *

Salt, Interrupted
by Katie Klocksin / Chicago, IL *

I'm Salty 
by Adam Lee / Boise, ID

Salty Weekend Memories
by Mara Maracinescu / Bucharest, Romania

Stardust, Lightly Salted
by Laura Morris / Paris, France *

Fear Tastes Like Salt Feels
by Julia Murphy / London, UK

Salt of the Earth
by Alyssa Pagano / New York, NY

My Mother, Salt of the Earth
by Stephen Rickard / Seattle, WA

Suite for a Salty Standard
by Stephanie Rowden / Ann Arbor, MI *

The Smell of Salt
by Holly Smith and Paige Lee / Kirkland, WA 

Old Captain Salt
by Dixie Treichel / Minneapolis, MN 

Salty Ceebu Jen
by Jeff Tyson / New York, NY



Sour Food Slam
by Abby Ainsworth and Lindsay Kutner / Toronto, Canada *

The Sour Taste of Appetite
by Emma French / New York, NY 

Sour Stomach: Where's the Bathroom?
by Kristofor Husted / Columbia, MO *

Sweet and Sour Tiffany: Chinese Naming Menu 
by Zena Kells / Tasmania, Australia *

One Man's Sour, Another Man's Sweet
by Kerry Klein / Washington, D.C. 

The Sour Side of Volunteering
by Jagmeet Mac / Carrboro, NC 

The Sour Taste of Potlucks
by Lauren Ober / Washington, D.C.

by Jeff Towne / Phoenixville, PA *



The Sweet Taste of India
by Jay Alom and Humayun Alam / Birmingham, UK

Bland Is Sweet
by Susie An / Chicago, IL 

Bitter Sweet
by Youssef Azmy / Cairo, Egypt 

Home Sweet Home
Tanya Basu / Glendale Heighs, IL 

One Man's Sour is Another Man's Sweet
by Victoria Bedford and Abigail Collins / Boston, MA

That's So Sweet You Shouldn't Have
by Maxine Bergevin / Toronto, Canada

The Sweetest Meat
by Damian Biniek and Rachel Lyon / Bedminster, NJ

The Last Morning was a Sweet One
by Alix Blair / Carrboro, NC *

Sounds Tasty, Salty Too
by Isaac Bluefoot / Arcata, CA 

Sweet Empty Calories: HEART DISEASE
by Linda Brennaman and Ross Stinemetz / Kansas City, MO

The Sweetness is Metaphysical
by Leanne Butkovic and Scott Fitzpatrick / New York, NY

Beer & Food, Neil & Eric: Two Sweet Pairings
by Alison Byrne / Los Angeles, CA  

Sweet Chlorine
by Jessica Campbell / Chesterton, IN

The Unexpected Sweetness
by Bernard Capistrano / San Francisco, CA

Sweet, Salty, Umami Love
by Brian Cauley / Toronto, Canada 

The Low, Slow'n' Sweet Times of Clyde Biggins
by David Chong and Carol Shih / Dallas, TX

Sweet Chili Baby
by Dea Cisar / London, UK 

Very Sweet with Edge of Tartness
by Will Coley / Santa Monica, CA

Sweet Treats for Romy
by Jennifer Collins and Tam Eastley / Berlin, Germany 

A Sweet Martini Memory
by Ed Cohen / Philadelphia, PA *

The Sweetest Love
by Morgan Davis / New York, NY 

Sweet Discoveries: One Man's Life as a Dumpster Diver 
by Elizabeth Delaquess / Madison, WI

A Sweet Boy That Can't Savor
by Will Denselow / London, UK *

Deep Sweet Roots 
by Myra Dettelbach / Beverly, MA

Sweet Smell O' Mine
by Pauline Dunne / Prosperous, Ireland *

My Mom, the Sweet Tomato
by Morgan Dusatko / Seattle, WA

Not So Sweet on New School Lunch 
by Azure Eller / Paonia, CO *

I Still Prefer the Sweet
by Salma El Kerdany / Cairo, Egypt 

Sweet Nothings
by Shelby El Otmani / Kingston, NH 

Sweets... A Guilty Pleasure
by Nada El-Tobgy / Cairo, Egypt 

Lucy's Sweet Cakes
by Grace Farson / Davidson, North Carolina

Sweet Sister Sarah Steps Out On Faith
by Tim Forrest / Lake View Terrace, CA

The Sweet Bitter End
by Peter Frick-Wright / Portland, OR

Sweet Restraint
by Paula Friedrich / Grosse Pointe, MI 

Sweet as Pie
by Elizabeth Friend / Chapel Hill, NC 

Sweet Mudames
by Nada Gabr / Cairo, Egypt 

How Sweet it is to Be a Piece of Meat
by Kerry Gilfillan / London, UK

Selling Sweet and Salty
by Alex Grant and Andy Erickson / Madison, WI & Milwaukee, WI

Remembering Our Sweet Food Pain 
by Ellie Gordon-Moershel / Toronto, Canada *

Sweet and Low-Down in My House
by Elena Guobyte / Chicago, IL 

Sweet Deals & Salty Licks
by Laura Hadden and Tennessee Jane Watson / Brooklyn, NY *

Bottling Hell: Remembering Mr. Murphree and the Spicy-Sweet Datil Pepper of St. Augustine
by Anna Hamilton / St. Augustine, FL *

Sweet, Sweet Solitude 
by Emily Hartman / Oak Lawn, IL 

Sweet Dream
by Wolfgang Hastert / Durham, NC

Life Is Sweet Again: An Inspirational Story
by Bryony Hawkins / Anglesey, Wales 

Sweet Innocence
by Whitney Henry-Lester / Chicago, IL *

Ethiopian Coffee: The Sweet Ritual of Togetherness
by Anne Huang and Audrey Dilling / Oakland, CA *

Life Is Sweet - As Long as It's Smeared With Skippy Peanut Butter
by Molly Jackel, Selena Polston & Cody Anderson/Sebastopol, CA *

Sweet, Sweet Victory
by Logan Jaffe / Chicago, IL *

All Roads Lead to Home (Sweet Home)
by Phyllis Janik / Hinsdale, IL 

Sweet Jesus
by Nicole and Mark Jolly / Philadelphia, PA 

Julia and the Bag of Sweet Buns
by Marion Kane / Toronto, Canada 

My Cheesecake, My Sweet Self
by Marion Kane / Toronto, Canada 

Sweet Julia
by Marion Kane / Toronto, Canada

Enrich the Sweetness
by Carly Kenneally / Sydney, Australia

From Sweet Appetite to Healthy Appetite
by Yomna Khallaf / Cairo, Egypt 

Sweet Dream
by Maham Khan / Chicago, IL *

Dear Sweet Mike Levey
by Heather Kitching / Ottawa, Canada *

Life With Cows is Sweet
by Sarah Kmon / White Sulphur Springs, MT *

Anatomy of a Sweet 
by Hannah Krakauer / Seattle, WA

The Sweet Pursuit
by Alex Kress / Edmonton, Canada 

The Farm-Fresh Egg: A Sweet Return
by Casey Kuhn / Cincinnati, IN

ShortDocs finalist!
Sweet Baby June Eats the World

by Matt Largey / Austin, TX 

Prunes, Eggs, and Sweet Marshmallows: Eating with My Grandmas
by Jennie Lennick / San Francisco, CA 

The Sweet Life on Tour (or Ben Eats a Lobster Roll)
by Alex Lewis / Philadelphia, PA 

Sweet Dreams
by Mercedes Lopez / Oak Lawn, IL 

Sweet and Sour Coffee
by Jason Lovell and William Thwaites / Chicago, IL 

Sweet Ratio(n)
by Sarah Lu / Chicago, IL *

Sweet Stalking the Wild Rhubarb
by Laura Markowitz / Tuscon, AZ *

Half Two Sweet
by John Manini / Olympia, WA 

When you are 4 all you want is some sweet sweet YUM
by Euan McAleece / Eastbourne, UK

The Sweet Tweet Suite
by Geoff McQueen / Shapwick, UK *

Sweet Nothings
by Kirsty McQuire / London, UK

Sin, Stanzas and Sweetness: A Las Vegas #ShortDoc
by Aaron Mendelson / Oakland, CA

Sweet In Action
by AnnMarie Miller / Glen Ellen, CA *

An Injection of Sweetness
by Jessica Miller / New York, NY 

Sweet Memory Rooh Afzah 
by Madeline Miller / Chapel Hill, NC

Sweet to Bitter
by Youmna Mohamed / Cairo, Egypt

Minnesota Sweets
by Becky Moonitz / Cocoa Beach, FL 

Barry Chung's Sweet n' Sour Home
by Lena Morris / Bloomington, IN 

The Sweet and Kind Benton House Pantry
by Alyssa Moxley / Chicago, IL 

Sweet at Sea 
by Sean Mullervy / London, UK *

Sweet or Sour
by Lucas Nielsen / Traverse City, MI

Between Two Buns: The Sweet Story of Burger Sobriety 
by Andrew Norton / Toronto, Canada *

Chocolate is a Sweet Distraction
by Scott Pham / Columbia, MO

There's No Saccharine in this Sweet School
by Sierra Ponthier / Palos Verdes Estates, CA

Essen, My Sweet
by Deena Prichep and Joanna Stein / Portland, OR *

The Sweet Taste of Imagination
by Nacha Raman / Montreal, Canada 

Sweet Taste of Shelbyville
by Gabrielle Reed / Bloomington, IN *

My Sweet Lord
by Stephen Rickard / Seattle, WA

Sweet Dreaming Orchid
by Rosy Rickett / London, UK *

A Sweet Journey Around the World
by Sarah Saad / Cairo, Egypt

The Sweet, Bitter Taste of Life
by Shahd Saleh / Cairo, Egypt 

The Sweet and Sour Craving for Risk
by Evie Salomon / Glencoe, IL *

A Sister's Sweet Victory 
by Maureen Sanchez / Oswego, IL

Sweeter Memories
by Kurt Santana / Chicago, IL 

Mornings Are Not Sweet, Just Scrambled
by Wilson Sayre / Raleigh, NC *

The Sweet Taste of Second Street
by Torie Schumacher / Springboro, OH

Sweet Madness: A True Story 
by Elisa Shoenberger and Scott Priz / Chicago, IL

A Sweet Ear
by Jackie Sojico / Lincoln, Nebraska 

The Sweet Note
by Callie Stewart / Ann Arbor, MI 

Homemade Sweet Bread
by Caitlynn Strickland / Lebanon, Maine

ShortDocs finalist!
Sweet Cheesecake Heartbreak: Three Dates
by Catie Talarski / Hartford, CT *

My Sweet Brother
By Elaine Taylor and Clint Holgate / Logan, UT

The Sweet Taste of Couscous 
by Marie Telling / New York, NY 

Sweet Muscles
by Julie Thing / Nivaa, Denmark 

Pursuing Sweet Success: Running the Krispy Kreme Challenge 
by Julie Thomson / Durham, NC

Sweet Order
by Jon Tipler and Java Bere / Melton Mowbray, UK 

Sweet Aunt Nuska
by Jeremy W. and Matt Thomas / Umina Beach, Australia *

Sweet Elizabeth
by Hana Walker-Brown / London, UK *

Love is Sweet Among Non-Human Animals 
by Liz Wason / Los Angeles, CA *

Passing on Sweet
by Todd Wemmer and Belle Wemmer / Salem, MA *



My Umami Gas Mask
by Sam Agee / Boulder, CO *

Love Tastes Like Umami Poutine
by Sara Ananda Badger / Montreal, Canada 

Umami Can't Cook Like Mine 
by Lexia Banks / Indianapolis, IN *

Smells Like Umami: I Can't Quite Put My Finger On It
by Shelly Baskin and Bec Feldhaus / Murray, KY 

The Good, the Bad & the Umami: If your life was a food dish...
by Isaac Bluefoot / Arcata, CA

A Vegetarian's Umami Dilemma 
by Benjamin and Philip Bombard / Salt Lake City, UT

Ooo, Mommy
by Julie Caine / Berkeley, CA 

Bayou Umami
by Kay Collins / Chicago, IL *

This Umamican Life
by Michael Ferstenfeld, Jeff Britt and Tiffany Leigh / Austin, TX *

My Mommy's Umami Latkes
by Bari Finkel / Glenview, IL

Umami to the Ears
by Brittany Gervais and Victoria Bedford / Boston, MA 

There's No Umami in the Army 
by Benedikte Granvig / London, UK *

The Road to Umami
by Carla Green, Vanessa Vyvial and Anthony Abbondanza / Montreal, Canada 

Truck Wild and Ramped Umami Stories
by Joanna Greer / Garrett Park, MD

Umami Office
by Christine Iskander / Cairo, Egypt 

U-mami My Life
by Maja Mackintosh Johansen / Copenhagen, Denmark

Umami for the Finish: MRs. TaSty Breaks Down Kimchi 
by Lauren Kirby / Kansas City, MO *

Umami (or Oooh-Mommy); The Mother of All Appetites
by Sukey Lewis / Graton, CA

Umami Love
by Belinda Lopez / Sydney, Australia

Umami Sunshine 
by Patricia McMillen / Oak Park, IL

The Umami Canon
by Casey Miner / San Francisco, CA

Me, Myself and Umami
by Sharlene Newman / Santiago, Chile 

Umami in the Dark 
by Amelia Parenteau / Bronxville, NY 

Blackbird Pot Pie: Not the Pie Umami Made
by Mary T. Diorio Schilling / Alloway, NJ *

The Umami of Customer Service
by Veronica Simmonds / Nova Scotia, Canada *

Umami Grease
by Jackson Stanton / Indianapolis, IN

by Jeng-Tyng (Jen) Hong / New York, NY 

Journey to Umami
by Dixie Treichel / Minneapolis, MN 

Umami English
by Jane Weston's English Class 


and introducing... BittersweeT and Bitter sweet and bittersweetness and bitter-sweet and bitter/sweet

Bittersweet Courses for Horses
by Eurydice Aroney and Tom Morton / Sydney, Australia *

Bitter Sweet Beginnings
by Dillon Buckner / Durham, NC 

Bittersweet; Butter Up
by Grant Buhr / Chicago, IL 

The Bittersweet Taste of Sports Gambling
by Lisa Carter / Chicago, IL 

The Soul is Bittersweet
by Erin Connolly and Victoria Bedford / Boston, MA

Inside The Leaf It's Bittersweet
by Jane Cramer / New York, NY *

Eros the Bittersweet: An Edible Riff
by Richard Fox and Patricia McMillen / Chicago, IL 

An Appetite for Affirmation: The Bittersweet of Pleasing Your Parents and Pleasing Your Self
by Lyndi Hollis / Bloomington, IN

Bittersweet for Left Hand Only
by Magdalen Jenne / Yonkers, NY 

The Bitter-Sweet Story of a Migrant Worker
by Catherine Louli / Ottawa, Canada 

For Maine's Francos, Food Memories Are Bittersweet
by Laura McCandlish / Brunswick, ME

ShortDocs finalist!
Bittersweet Apostrophe's 

by Tim Needles / Sound Beach, NY *

Home Bitter/Sweet Home
by Carly Nix / Boston, MA

A Bittersweet Experiment
by Elise Pepple and Ellen Frankenstein / Portland, ME

Bittersweet Grief in 3 Courses
by Sayre Quevedo / Oakland, CA

Appetite for Home: Bitter-Sweet Memories of Learning to Cook & Eat in America
by Annes Noyes Saini / New York, New York *

A Bitter Sweet Horse Tale
by Angela Shackel / London, UK

by Zac Strohfus / Boise, ID

Bittersweet Forevers 
by Paige Sutherland / Chicago, IL 

Bittersweet TV
by Ben Trefny and Audrey Dilling / San Francisco, CA

The Bittersweetness of God's Love (1)
by Eric Winick / New York, NY

The Bittersweetness of God's Love (2)
by Eric Winick / New York, NY 

The Bittersweetness of God's Love (3)
by Eric Winick / New York, NY 

Bittersweet Muffins
by Wenjing Zhang / Austin, TX *




- be inspired by the idea of "appetite" 

- be presented in three "courses"

- include bitter, salty, sour, sweet, or umami in the title


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The four other TC/JBF winners will be announced 8/5.

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