These Are a Few of My Favorite Things
Jad Abumrad


Third Coast Conference, USA, 2012
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Drawing from radio and beyond, Jad Abumrad shares the stories, sounds, people and projects that have most inspired him over the years, and talked about some of the creative challenges he's faced (and embraced) along the way.

Note! Near the top of his talk, Jad showed the first five minutes from Harris Savides' (RIP) film "Birth." We've edited this down to ~30 seconds in this audio file, and here's a short excerpt of the movie clip to give you a taste of what the audience was watching. (The full five minutes continue in much the same manner.) 

Also, the session wraps with a spontaneous singalong inspired by this Radiolab story. Memorable, to say the least!


Jad Abumrad (@JadAbumrad), a Peabody Award-winning producer and 2011 MacArthur Fellow, is the creator and co-host of WNYC's Radiolab. Jad has been called "a young master of the radio craft" as well as "a hurler of radio missiles that leave welts on the backsides of listeners everywhere." (That last quote is his own). Abumrad worked as an independent reporter, producer, and documentarian for a variety of local and national programs before joining WNYC. Prior to radio, Abumrad wrote music for films and studied music composition and creative writing at Oberlin College.


Photos of Abumrad by Kate Joyce.

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I was looking for this myself...

"If" — http://thirdcoastfestival.org/library/546-if
Posted by Eric Drachman from Los Angeles, CA at 03/08/2013
Great talk, Jad. Thanks! I keep a copy by the boombox in my kitchen.

Will someone please direct me to where I can find "If"?
Posted by Alex from Rochester, NY at 02/24/2013
Jad, a genius and inspiration. his voice alone is compelling.
Posted by Brian Cauley from Toronto, ON at 11/05/2012