Parachuting In
Al Letson, Tina Antolini, and Laura Starecheski


Third Coast Conference, USA, 2012
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Cities, How to, Humorous, Identity
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(aka: State of the Re:Union’s Secret Recipe for Serious Place-based Storytelling… in Practically No Time!)

State of the Re:Union takes listeners to one place in America at a time, conveying a strong sense of place through great storytelling—with limited time and resources. Host Al Letson and producers Tina Antolini and Laura Starecheski reveal SOTRU’s secret recipe for how to arrive in an unfamiliar place, stay for 5-7 days and leave with a whole hour’s worth of sound-rich, scene-based radio stories.


Al Letson (@Al_Letson) is a poet/playwright/actor/comic book writer and host and Executive Producer of NPR and PRX’s State of the Re:Union. As a performance poet his work has been on stages and television screens. His plays have received critical acclaim and have been performed across the country, including an off broadway run. State of the Re:Union has won several national awards and is aired on more than 320 stations coast-to-coast.

Tina Antolini has produced stories on everything from the sex lives of lobsters to Iraqi religious minorities to a secret bunker in the woods of New England that houses an archive of East German films. She joined State of the Re:Union in 2009 after several years working as a daily news reporter and host, and is now the program's senior radio producer. Antolini has won national awards for SOTRU's hour on gay Civil Rights era pacifist Bayard Rustin and for her series documenting the transgender community in western Massachusetts.

Laura Starecheski (@Starecheski) reports on health for NPR's Science Desk. She spent three years traveling the U.S. with the State of the Re:Union (SOTRU) crew. Her work has garnered a National Edward R. Murrow Award, among others. She was a 2014 Knight-Wallace Fellow and serves on the board of AIR.


Photos from the session by Kate Joyce.

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