Music: A Force for Good (and Sometimes Evil)
Jad Abumrad


Third Coast Conference, USA, 2005
Conference Audio
How to, Music
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Radio makers have many techniques at their disposal for crafting each story they tell, including one in particular that gets used and abused more than any other: scoring.

Music can lift a dreary voice or sink an entire piece, connect listeners to the emotional life of a story or leave them feeling manipulated - and pissed about it. RadioLab producer and host Jad Abumrad offers his perspective on how music can help or hurt a story, and in doing so, will quote smart people and play examples of scoring triumphs and tragedies.


Jad Abumrad (@JadAbumrad), a Peabody Award-winning producer and 2011 MacArthur Fellow, is the creator and co-host of WNYC's Radiolab. Jad has been called "a young master of the radio craft" as well as "a hurler of radio missiles that leave welts on the backsides of listeners everywhere." (That last quote is his own). Abumrad worked as an independent reporter, producer, and documentarian for a variety of local and national programs before joining WNYC. Prior to radio, Abumrad wrote music for films and studied music composition and creative writing at Oberlin College.


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