A Map of the Sea
Chris Brookes


Living on Earth, Canada, 2005
TCF Winners
Canada, Community, Industry, International, Nature
14 58


For centuries, Newfoundland fisheries were hailed as the greatest in the world.  Then, in 1992, their main export, the codfish, disappeared.

In the years since, tens of thousands of Newfoundlanders have left the island and entire communities have vanished. The toll has not just been economic: fishing was at the heart of the oldest non-indigenous culture in the Americas. Now the islanders must find a way to keep that culture from going the way of the cod.

A Map of the Sea won a Best Documentary: Honorable Mention Award in the 2005 Third Coast / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition. 


Chris Brookes is a Canadian feature maker whose work has won numerous international awards for radio documentary. These include a Grand Prize from the New York Festival World Media Awards for Death at the Door, a portrait of El Salvador, and a Prix Europa Special Commendation for Radio Documentary for Mucho Corazon. Brookes is an author and playwright and has been nominated for a Gemini Award for his television writing. He lives in Saint John's, Newfoundland, underneath the cliff where Marconi received the first wireless radio signal 100 years ago.


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