Sherre DeLys and John Jacobs


Deutschland Radio, Australia, 2002
TCF Winners
Australia, Body, Experimental, International, Youth
07 39


A young patient reinvents his experience of being in the hospital through metaphor and allusion. Responding to "what if" questions, Andrew exemplifies the transformative qualities of fantasy, empathy, and humor.

The New Children's Hospital at Westmead, in Sydney, Australia -- with its extraordinary art collection, gardens and aviary, and even its own radio station -- was the initial inspiration for this piece.

If won the Best Documentary: Silver Award in the 2002 Third Coast / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition. 


Sherre DeLys’ work has included sound sculpture and installation, improvised vocal music, sound designs for theater and film, radio art and documentaries. She works at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. 

John Jacobs is a radio producer and sound artist from Melbourne, Australia. John works at ABC Radio National and was a co-creator of the experimental arts and culture audio adventure The Night Air. His work has won international radio awards at the the Prix Italia, Prix Futura and the Third Coast Festival. He has a background in community media arts, and an experimental arts practice that includes media collage, electronic sculpture and live a/v performance. Find him at johnjacobs.org


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