Re:sound #44: The Coping Show
Various producers


TCF / WBEZ 91.5, USA, 2006
Incarceration, War, Youth
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This hour: a pizza chef travels to North Korea to cook for Kim Jong Il, a young man contemplates his release from "juvie," and more.

Soundtrack to War
by Cath Dwyer, Mark Don, and George Gittoes (Street Stories, ABC, 2005)
So much has been written abou the war in Iraq, but how much has been heard? The sound of war isn’t just guns and grenades. It’s Guns N Roses, Eminem, and Tupac -- to say nothing of the Baghdad Beegees. Australian war artist George Gittoes has traveled to Iraq four times since 2002 and he’s recorded the music that soldiers listen to to psyche up for battle and to unwind afterward.

I Made Pizza for Kim Jong Il
by Hugh Levinson (BBC Radio 3, 2005)
This story is really two stories. Both absolutely true. The first deals with an Italian chef who was asked to travel to North Korea to display his pizza making skills with only the best ingredients and the most expensive tools. The other is about a student with nothing, witnessing the North Korean famine of the late 1990s.

My Criminal Life
by Mark Cassette and Kerry Seed (Blunt Youth Radio, 2005)
Eighteen-year-old Mark is just two months shy of aging out of the Long Creek Youth Development Center in Maine. As he and his family stare at the future, Blunt Youth Radio at WMPG in Portland records their thoughts. 


This episode of Re:sound was produced by Roman Mars.


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Featured Music:

P:ano, "Heavens," Alphabet Series E (Tomlab, 2005)
Talib Kweli, "Get By," Quality (Rawkus (Uni), 2002)
Tony, "Angers," Itinerance (Autres Directions, 2005)
Melodium, "La fin de tout," La tete qui flotte (Autres Directions, 2005)