A Cold Freezin Night (for Doomed Lovers)
Andrea Silenzi


TCF, USA, 2010
ShortDocs, TCF Winners
Book Odds, Love, Music
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I said this is NUTS, and he agreed.

Produced for the 2010 TCF ShortDocs Challenge: Book Odds. Note! A Cold Freezin Night (for Doomed Lovers) was one of just four submissions selected as a 2010 Third Coast ShortDoc.


Andrea Silenzi is the Managing Director of the Free Music Archive at WFMU in Jersey City, where she hosts the radio show Why Oh Why. She previously worked as the Producer of Central Standard on KCUR in Kansas City, and as a Culture Producer for WNYC in New York. She holds the world record for most guests booked for an hour-long radio show, and that's 67.


Book Odds invited anyone/everyone to produce a short audio work inspired by (and named after) song titles from The Books' record The Way Out, and including samples from their library of musical bits, strange phrases and sonic doodads. Read more about and listen to other Book Odds submissions.

Hear more work from Andrea Silenzi, and check out her website.


Silenzi crafts it straight to the heart with just the right measure of intellectual connect. The chill? Almost had to turn my collar up.
Posted by Dan Verbeck from Kansas City, MO at 01/05/2011