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The Journey

A spare and gripping account of one man's journey fleeing violence in Afghanistan with his family.

The Runway

Mary Going runs Saint Harridan, a company that makes custom suits catering to butch women and trans men. Her fans are enthusiastic and dedicated, her products are selling out... and she can barely pay her rent.


A tree wonders why all of its leaves are leaving.

One Way

A woman in a hurry seeks refuge from a storm and finds something in common with the motel attendant.

The Nature of Engagement

A thought experiment and an anecdote come together to illuminate the challenges of cross-cultural engagement, particularly in conservation work.


A paddle down the Red Deer River in Canada's Badlands leads to a reflection on past worlds and the mysteries nature keeps from us.

The Trophy

A man returns, victorious, from the hunt. Curious onlookers react to the killing. But they're not all looking at the same animal.

Life Drive

In 1961 during the fascist regime in Portugal, a group of political prisoners escape from a fortress prison in a bullet proof Chrysler Imperial - the car that belonged to the dictator himself.
Voiceover by Jay Buettner; Additional voice by Carlos Patrão.

The Commute

As she takes the train home from Penn Station, one anonymous woman gets an uncomfortable surprise.
Voice actor: Emily Duncan

Two Libraries

A quiet eavesdropper gets more than he bargained for at the public library.