Best Serialized Story (BSS)

The Best Serialized Story (BSS) category awards narrative audio stories that unfold over multiple episodes, chapters, or installments. Each part of the series must build on a larger narrative or concept — but this is open to the interpretation of the creator or creators.

For example, each episode in a series may explicitly build on what came before to create a single cohesive narrative arc; another serialized story may contain more disparate or conceptually linked parts that reflect a broader narrative or concept, like an anthology or a collection. Also eligible are limited series or single seasons of ongoing shows that are thematically linked in some way, or a limited series from an ongoing show whose format may not usually be serialized.

There is one award in this category.

The 2022 Call for Entries will open in Fall 2022.

See the 2022 Third Coast/RHDF Competition page for more information. To read about other categories, click here.