Introducing: the 2019 Audio Doctors

The Doctor's are IN. And they are not all your usual suspects.

For the 2019 Third Coast Conference, we're relying on the expertise of six masterful practitioners of audio: three classic Story Doctors, one Visual Doctor, one Career Compass Doctor & one Sound Doctor

Story Doctors

Treatment includes: reading through scripts, listening to tape with fresh ears, talking through structure, finding new inspiration, believing in yourself.

Dr. James T. Green / Gimlet Creative
Dr. Julie Caine / KQED
Dr. Brett Myers / Reveal at The Center for Investigative Reporting.

Visual Doctor

Treatment includes: all illustration-, website- & all design-related questions.

Dr. Jen Ng / Independent UX & visual designer

Career Compass Doctor

Treatment includes: Equipping you with industry knowledge, reinforcing your strengths, navigating institutionalized bias, pay negotiation, labor issues, and visioning your own roadmap.

Dr. Phyllis Fletcher / APM

Sound Doctor

Treatment includes: Interpreting editing plug-ins, getting in the thick of sound and music design, patience.

Dr. Myke Dodge Weiskopf / KCRW