BEHIND THE SCENES with Salt on the Lips

Salt on the Lips was one of eight finalists nominated for the 2013 People's ShortDoc Award. Here's what some of the listeners who voted for it had to say about the story

  • OMG. This story blew me away! The feelings I experienced, through Jenny Asarnow's deft editing, started with curiosity, moved to sexual arousal, embarrassment, SHOCK, empathy, tears, joy. All in less than 3 minutes! I love how she kept the pauses, the sifting for words, the open-endedness, including the ending that isn't quite an ending but is. - This story had an incredible arc for being so short. It was genuinely surprising and did an excellent job of establishing relationships using both conversation and silence. Its silences were full and powerful. It was sexy, but also wistful and tender. A perfect exploration of food and suppressed desire. - Wow. This story borders on too intimate, but it's so delicately produced that it works stunningly. I love that she allows time for us to hear the speaker hesitate, giggle, and then finally speak honestly. Several other pauses and awkward moments reassured me: it's okay that this is uncomfortable to hear, it is an uncomfortable conversation. But it's also true, and visceral, and human, and therefore important. - The pauses. Genius use of silence.