20 Years of the Third Coast / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition

On March 9, 2021, Richard H. Driehaus, the founding donor of the Third Coast / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition, passed away.

Since its inception in 2001, the Third Coast / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition has awarded 193 extraordinary audio stories from around the world — and introduced Third Coast to countless other exceptional works from members of the audio community. Mr. Driehaus himself was integral to the design of the physical awards given to each winner — handmade radios that play their winning piece — believing that the object’s duty was to reflect the power & beauty of the artifact it contained. From outside the audio community, Mr. Driehaus has been a rare champion of an often underappreciated art form and an advocate for those who make the work. He will be greatly missed.

We have selected one winner from each year of the Competition in honor of the legacy of Richard H. Driehaus.

To learn more about the Third Coast / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition, and see all of the winners from the last 20 years, click here.

Grey Ghost

Grey Ghost is the story of one man and a bird -- or possibly just of one man. It is also the story of an obsession.

The Sonic Memorial Project

The Sonic Memorial Project is an intimate and historic documentary commemorating the life and history of the World Trade Center and its surrounding neighborhood, through audio artifacts, rare recordings, voice mail messages, and interviews.

Hard to Say

State park ranger Ed Werler lives alone in a quiet, isolated area of Maine. At the age of 90, Ed reflects on his second marriage, revealing a relationship characterized by love, loyalty, and uncertainty.

Goat on a Cow

Laura Starecheski finds herself figuratively falling down a rabbit hole (microphone and all) as she embarks on a journey that begins with the story of a goat, a cow, and a box of old letters.

Death Comes Home

Death Comes Home is a portrait of three families who have chosen to forego the funeral director and prescribed memorial to instead care for their dead at home.

An Interior Life

A meditation on love, loss and loneliness in south London, An Interior Life tells the story of Bernard, an 86-year-old gay man who has been alone since the death of his long term partner.

Leaving a Mark

Emily Hsiao reads a Craigslist post about a man who wants his swastika tattoo covered up. And then she goes to meet him.


Andrea is a writer who no one reads. Her second novel bombed. She never saw anyone reading it. That is until 2008.

Espera / Wait

Two lovers share an intimate conversation on the eve of their breakup, exploring loneliness and intimacy.