Change Your Mind

Looking for a dose of hope these days?

When Mary Going first came out, her mother wasn't very happy. That's an understatement.

Years later, Mary & her mom's relationship looks - and sounds - much different. Their story is part of The Runway , a new Third Coast feature including our behind-the-scenes interview with producer Luke Malone.

Here are a few more stories about people who change their minds - for the better.

The Runway / Luke Malone, Start Up (2016)
Leaving a Mark / Emily Hsiao, Transom Storytelling Workshop (2014)
Tom Girls / Mary Beth Kirchner & Rebecca Weiker, This American Life (2009)
Dia's Diary: My Mother / Dia Fallana, outLoud Radio & San Francisco Liberation Radio (2004)
Last Words from Hopi High / Brett Myers, Youth Radio (2010)

The Runway

Mary Going runs Saint Harridan, a company that makes custom suits catering to butch women and trans men. Her fans are enthusiastic and dedicated, her products are selling out... and she can barely pay her rent.

Leaving a Mark

Emily Hsiao reads a Craigslist post about a man who wants his swastika tattoo covered up. And then she goes to meet him.

Dia's Diary: My Mother

Dia Fallana is a young transgender woman living in a depressed area of Oakland, California. In this radio essay, she explains how her mother's anti-gay attitude kept her in the closet -- until she was forced to tell the truth.

Last Words from Hopi High

For nearly a thousand years the Hopi people of Arizona have lived on the same three mesas and for all that time they've spoken the Hopi language. But now elders and youth alike say the language is dying.