Inspired by "Love Me"

Inspired by the brand-new CBC podcast Love Me, we dug into our Audio Library and found a flock of strange, wonderful stories about the messiness of human relationships.

Get the full scoop on Love Me in our Behind-the-Scenes interview with producers Mira & Cristal.

'Til Death Do Us Part

2006 ShortDocs Winner! Producer Sasha Aslanian's divorced parents listen to audio of their 1963 wedding vows, remember what went wrong, but still can't get over each other.

Ice Cream Man

Jonathan Goldstein's got a knack for exploring life's great (and simple) mysteries via the telephone.

Mei Mei, A Daughter's Song

Dmae Roberts tell two interwoven stories in this personal documentary: the frustration she feels not living up to her mother's ideal of a perfect Taiwanese daughter and the compassion she has for a mother who as a child suffered abuse, starvation, and the horrors of World War Two.

What makes a good marriage?

2015 ShortDocs Winner! My grandparents, now in their 90s and married for nearly 70 years, tell me about when they met and give their advice on a long and happy marriage.