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RIP Snape

Dedicated to characters who turn out to be very different than they first appeared.

In honor of Professor Snape, from JK Rowling's Harry Potter series.

Fault Line / Jad Abumrad & Pat Walters, Radiolab
The Living Room / Briana Breen & Brendan Baker, Love + Radio
The Hospital Always Wins / Laura Starecheski, State of the Re:Union
Leaving a Mark / Emily Hsiao, Transom
My Way or the FBI Way / Michael May, This American Life

Fault Line

Kevin (not his real name) is a likable guy who lives with his wife in New Jersey. And he's on probation after serving time in a federal prison for committing a disturbing crime.

The Hospital Always Wins

Back in 2004, Laura Starecheski visited a mental hospital in Queens, N.Y. called Creedmoor, where she met a patient named Issa Ibrahim.

Leaving a Mark

Emily Hsiao reads a Craigslist post about a man who wants his swastika tattoo covered up. And then she goes to meet him.

My Way or the FBI Way

A year ago, a swat team broke down the door of a home in downtown St. Paul and found eight Molotov cocktails inside.