2015 ShortDocs Challenge: Studs Rules


2015's creative partner was the Studs Terkel Archive at the WFMT Radio Network, who gave us a sneak peek of their new online collection of all-things-Studs.


We asked participants to be inspired by Studs' spirit and interview style... and then take that inspiration wherever they saw fit. Documentary, audio drama, sound art, hybrids, all were welcome - as long as they followed Studs' rules.


Each ShortDoc had to:

  • be two to three minutes in length
  • be titled with a question that begins with one of the five Ws (who, what, when, where or why)
  • contain the question "And what happened then?"
  • include a shout of silence or a cry of laughter


We received more than 150 submissions from 20 countries! Five stories were crowned the winners, including the People's ShortDoc, voted for by the public.

Listen to the winners below, and hear all of the submissions in our audio library.

What makes a good marriage?

2015 ShortDocs Winner! My grandparents, now in their 90s and married for nearly 70 years, tell me about when they met and give their advice on a long and happy marriage.