Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, 2233 S. King Drive, Chicago
October 4-6 (Thurs - Sat)

Registration is now closed for the 2018 Third Coast Conference!!!

We're sorry to say that all of the 800 spots are filled for this year's Conference. Your last chance to nab a spot is from someone who needs to transfer theirs by Friday, September 28 at midnight. You'll find these folks on the Third Coast Switchboard.

Join us in Chicago for three chock-full days of learning about the art & craft of audio storytelling from the field’s top makers, making connections with other producers/podcasters/reporters from all over the world, and discovering impactful radio & podcasting opportunities. And celebrate with us on the final night (October 6) with an Awards Ceremony honoring the winners of the 2018 Third Coast / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition.

Check out this 2018 Conference Schedule in-the-works... more details coming soon!

Volunteer Program:
Every year Third Coast receives hundreds of applications and selects a cohort of 30 emerging producers to participate in our Volunteer Program. Volunteers receive gratis registration, networking and community in exchange for working two 4-hour shifts at the Third Coast Conference. The 2018 Volunteer Program is supported by Stitcher and the Third Coast Fund.

Meet the amazing cohort of 2018 volunteers!

The Fest
Come to Chicago a little early & stay a little late for The Fest, a spectacular two-week lineup of podcasts live on-stage, in venues across Chicago. The Fest takes place before, during & after The Third Coast Conference - including our Conference eve show with Martina Castro of Adonde Media, a big live show we're throwing with WBEZ, Terrible Thanks for Asking on Friday, October 5th, and a full day of Fest shows on Sunday, October 7th. Stick around -- and stay tuned for more updates!


Travel & Sked:
When making your travel plans, keep this schedule in mind: The Conference begins Thursday, October 4 at 1pm with an afternoon of meet-ups and the 2018 Conference officially starts at 5pm. It goes pretty much non-stop till Saturday night (late), October 6 with the Third Coast Awards Ceremony and after-party. (Stay tuned for a more detailed schedule.)

We also encourage you to come to Chicago early & stay late to take part in Third Coast’s lineup of live podcasts: The Fest. Join us on for a live show as part of The Fest on Wednesday, October 3 (Conference eve!) Plus, there will be more Fest events on Friday night and Sunday, tba.

Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, 2233 S. King Drive.

IMPORTANT NEWS! The Hyatt Regency is SOLD OUT of sleeping rooms for the Conference weekend. We still recommend you post on the Third Coast Switchboard for room-share opportunities, and check out Airbnb's off of the red & green lines (which take you straight to the hotel)!

Fine Print:
Your registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. But it is TRANSFERABLE up through Friday, September 28 at midnight. If you'd like to transfer your registration , please (read carefully) and fill out this form. If you'd like to nab a registration from someone looking to transfer, check out the Third Coast Switchboard.

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Conference Sessions

2018 Provocations

Join us on the opening night of Third Coast for Late Night Provocations: a series of short talks from producers who hope to dare and ignite.

Jumping Into The Fray: Member stations making new noise in the podcast arena

Podcasting has shaken up the way public media reporters & journalists tell stories - in some deeply exciting and innovative ways!

Spotlight: Family Separation at the Border

Lights on: we’re examining the role of audio storytelling in making sense of one of the biggest — and most confusing — news stories of the year: the separation and detention of families seeking asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Stealing: A Deconstruction of Five Women

Trying to make a story that sounds new or does something surprising is hard. The only way Chana Joffe-Walt has ever known how to try is to copy and to steal.

Beyond the Recording Booth: Partnering with storytellers across mediums

How can audio storytelling translate to — and interact with — media like photography and print, and platforms like public installations and live events? And how to conceive and develop such projects?

Let The Work Be What It Wants To Be: Responding to found material with curiosity and artistry

Using found reels of an old wire recorder from the 1950's, interdisciplinary artist Alison S. M. Kobayashi created her performance piece, "Say Something Bunny!" heralded by the New York Times as “forthrightly funny and briefly pornographic, it is also sneakily moving."

ALL STORIES ARE STORIES ABOUT POWER: Radical narrative storytelling

Two moments are colliding: An oppressive politics of hate and repression, and a boom in narrative storytelling. So how do we use one to confront the other?

Thursday Meetups

If you're looking for community, solidarity, collective brain-power, or resource-sharing, Thursday Meetups (October 4) are for you.

I Love Language: How to bring the written word to life

So you’ve been researching a project and you’ve got all these text documents: old interview transcripts that predate recording technology. Letters found in a box. Court records. Emails.

2018 Audio Doctors

Check out the 2018 Audio Doctors, who specialize in the medicine of audio editing.

Beyond True Crime: Using this exploding genre to tell a bigger story

True crime podcasts are everywhere, and many listeners love a good who dunnit. But is it possible to capitalize on the popularity of this genre, and move beyond the mystery to provide a deeper understanding of the causes behind injustice?

Depth Perception: Techniques for two ears

Just as our eyes work together to create a sense of depth perception, so too do our ears....

Who You Talkin' To? Audience & Your Authentic Voice

Come hang with journalists Leila Day and Hana Baba, co-hosts of The Stoop Podcast: stories from across the Black diaspora....

The Art of Noise: A history of experimental radio

What does it mean for a podcast or radio story to be “innovative” or “experimental”? Is it in the writing? The structure? The use of sound?

2018 Visual Doctor

Every audio project needs a visual element, but the design and illustration process can often be vague and daunting (enter by Sept. 21!)

Marie Kondo Never Worked In Pro Tools

Building a radio story often means hours (Dozens? Hundreds?) of tape, reams of written notes, photos, links, and research...

These Are A Few Of Kaitlin Prest's Favorite Things

Kaitlin Prest, audio artist, radiophile, creator of The Heart with Radiotopia and The Shadows with CBC, talks about what has inspired her to push the boundaries of audio making...

Bitchin’ Pitchin’ Panel

A bonafide Third Coast tradition, this session - hosted by AIR (Association of Independents in Radio) - pulls back the curtain on one of the most difficult and important skills every producer needs to master: how to pitch...

Podcasting Without a Net(work)

Individual podcasters working with slim budgets and strained resources share how they create their best work while trying to grow audiences and raise money, often while holding down another full time job...

Writing for the Ear to See

We make stories for the ear, but there’s no escaping the highly visual nature of the work we produce...

Immersion Reporting: How to stay in one place and get deeper stories

Are you a reporter with the soul of a documentary-maker? Take a deep dive into a place or issue with immersive reporting...