2019 Third Coast Conference

You can now hear sessions from the 2019 Third Coast Conference on the new season of the Third Coast Pocket Conference podcast!

2019 Provocations

On the first night of the 2019 Third Coast Conference, all 800+ attendees gathered for a series of short, provocative talks.

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  • 01:13:57


Swirling beneath every single one of this year’s breaking stories and major crises is work and labor: not only of the people in the headlines, but of the audio storytellers, ourselves.

  • 2024
  • 01:12:16

Gonna Make You Sweat

What does it feel like when artists challenge conventional radio and allow their lived experiences to inform their work?

  • 2024
  • 01:02:58

Dark & Funny, Like Your Life: Sound Design With Feeling

You know about reading between the lines, right? Well good sound design can make you dance between the lines. And when you’re talking about big, uncomfortable ideas — sound can be a super powerful tool to have on hand.

  • 2024
  • 01:27:57

Midwifing The Story: The Art of Editing

We’ve all heard the old adage: Everyone needs an editor. Whether you’re working in print, film, or narrative audio — you need someone to check for structure, make sure you’re meeting deadlines, and generally help get the story to the finish line.

  • 2024
  • 01:28:39

All That Lingers: Reporting On Aftermath

Hurricane Maria. The Pulse Nightclub massacre. Charlottesville. Philando Castile. Uproar over racism at the University of Missouri. Adrián Florido (Code Switch) has spent much of his time at NPR reporting on the aftermath of traumatic events in communities of color.

  • 2024
  • 01:31:15

Calling The Shots With Steve & Nishat

The audio industry is changing -- and your role as a leader might well be changing with it. Making the transition from reporter to editor, from producer to executive producer, or from player to coach isn’t always easy.

  • 2024
  • 01:45:29

AIR's 2019 Bitchin' Pitchin Panel

Hosted by AIR (Association of Independents in Radio), this session pulls back the curtain on one of the most difficult and important skills every producer has to tackle: how to pitch.

  • 2024
  • 01:21:37

Sex Sells

Sex sells, sure, but who gets to cash in on it? How can journalists honestly and accurately cover sex workers without sensationalizing or further stigmatizing their work? And can the answers provide meaningful & challenging insights for audio producers specifically who make stories about communities they are not a part of?

  • 2024
  • 01:23:08

The Right To Bear Data

Data has power but also serves power, which means it can be profoundly hard to navigate and understand.

  • 2024
  • 01:15:52

Start From The Beginning

Most people can recount the facts of their situation, but how do you get them to tell you an actual story? Interviewing for narrative calls for a slightly different set of interview muscles – from the kinds of questions you ask, to helping a source tap into details and emotion of moments long past.

  • 2024
  • 01:17:02

Trick: Part One

This curated Listening Reel was screened at the 2019 Third Coast Conference in Chicago.

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Trick: Part Two

This curated Listening Reel was screened at the 2019 Third Coast Conference in Chicago.

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