2020 Third Coast Conference

September, 2020 Update: We're so excited to announce Third Place...

Right now, we would typically be in the midst of encouraging you to travel to Chicago (or to join us from here in Chicago) for a weekend at the Third Coast Conference, but it has been clear for a while now that we couldn’t do that this year. Instead, we’ve been building a new place of convergence, inspiration, and audio community magic.

This year, we invite you to join us at Third Place.

In a time when we’ve lost so many spaces (also known as third places), including the in-person audio community that meets up in venues, theaters, restaurants, bars and coffee shops, we’re opening up a new Third Place, where we can explode experimental audio programming into an array of formats, events, creative wormholes, community conversations, and more.

And: as the world changes, dramatically, so too does Third Coast. Rooted in an enduring belief in the power of narrative audio storytelling, we’ve developed a new set of organizational values for 2020. We invite you to read them and tell us what you think. We can’t wait to re-imagine our audio community, inspiration, and provocation with you this fall. Together in this new Third Place, we’ll dive into most urgently-needed conversations, explorations, and dialogues in the audio industry. See you there.

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