2016 ShortDocs Challenge: Radio Cinema - Third Coast Picks

The results of the 2016 ShortDocs Challenge have now been announced – congratulations to our four winners! But your listening binge shouldn't stop there...

We’ve put together this playlist of more must-listen Radio Cinema stories for you to enjoy, from wacky sci-fi adventures and dark film-noir thrillers, to quirky rom-com spoofs and awe-inspiring nature docs.

And then if you're still hungry for more, grab some popcorn and head to our Audio Library to hear every single submission, as well as all ShortDocs from previous years (Netflix, eat your heart out).

One Noir Moment

The story of a relationship with reference to our relationship to the planet.
Written and narrated by James Whitman.

One Way

A woman in a hurry seeks refuge from a storm and finds something in common with the motel attendant.

Roger, that!

Roger, produced in multiple dimensions, must struggle with the production of his life and his life production "in space, or anywhere else."


A woman pieces together sonic memories and her sense of belonging through swimming.

Where's Abel?

Abel's fate is confirmed by an eyewitness who survived a suicide bombing in Afghanistan.