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Conference Advisory Group (Applications)

We are so excited to announce the members of the 2019 Conference Advisory Group! Get to know:

Nuts & bolts


At Third Coast, we work year-round to critically examine the structure & organization of the TC Conference, and its role in the audio landscape at large. We want to make that effort more collaborative with you, our community, and to create more meaningful opportunities for producers to guide the work that we do. That's why we created the Advisory Group in 2019.

Our first cohort of Advisory Group members is made up of six individuals who meet (remotely) together several times throughout the year—both before and after the 2019 Third Coast Conference.

The focus of this year’s Advisory Group is:

  • to better define what community accountability means at the 2019 Third Coast Conference & beyond
  • to apply the lens of community accountability to the 2019 Third Coast Conference in numerous ways, including helping producers connect with one another outside of sessions, refining policies concerning respectful conduct at the Conference, addressing financial accessibility, and more.
  • to take part of Conference programming as facilitators of Thursday Afternoon Meetups (for reference, check out the 2018 Thursday Meetups .)

Advisory Group members serve as liaisons between Third Coast and the producer community before, during, and after the 2019 Conference.

The Group’s scope is focused on the Conference this year because it is, in many ways, the heartbeat of our organization. However, we’re interested in how the Advisory Group could work with us on other aspects of our programming in the future. Put simply: This is a new experiment for us, and we’re dedicated to continue building on this project in the years to come.


A small group of audio makers (broadly defined!) from throughout the industry who are interested in building community at the Third Coast Conference, and who are comfortable with thoughtful, challenging dialogue. We are committed to using the Third Coast Conference as a space to critically examine audio as an evolving craft and industry, and we want to work directly individuals who are excited about that, too.

We believe that developing an Advisory Group from varied backgrounds and in different stages of their careers is critical to Third Coast best serving this international community. There are no specific requirements for prior experience or expertise to be part of the Advisory Group beyond having interacted with Third Coast in some capacity (see the FAQ below for more details).


We ask that each member of the Advisory Group contribute approximately 20 hours of work (4 three-hour remote meetings & 8 hours of prep work) from June through December of 2019. We’re looking for folks who have flexibility and eagerness to devote to this project in this window of time, and we’ll work with the chosen group to set exact dates for each of these remote meetings.

We also ask that each member of the Advisory Group be available to attend the 2019 Third Coast Conference, from October 31-November 2 in Chicago.


  • An honorarium of $450
  • Gratis registration to the Third Coast Conference
  • Airfare to/from the Third Coast Conference
  • Hotel at the Third Coast Conference covered

Advisory Group FAQ

What if I haven't attended the Third Coast Conference? Can I still apply?
Yes! We’re looking for folks who have any meaningful touchpoint to Third Coast (whether that means spending time on our website, listening to the Pocket Conference podcast, entering the Third Coast/RHDF Competition, reading Producer News, attending the annual Conference, presenting or being featured by Third Coast, or leading a Breakout Session.)

Do I have to be a U.S. resident to apply for the Advisory Group?
No, but we have limited funds for international travel, and may not be able to cover international airfare in full. (We would offer a travel stipend equal to the cost of a domestic U.S. flight.)

What if I'm not a fully fledged producer? What if I'm an editor, or a sound designer, or an interim assistant producer? Am I still eligible?
Yes. We want to include a broad range of audio makers from across the industry.

If I am chosen as a member of the Advisory Group, must I commit to attending the 2019 Third Coast Conference?
Yes. You will also be agreeing to be a facilitator at Thursday Afternoon Meetups, and to take part in Conference debrief afterwards.

If I am chosen to be a member of the Advisory Group, can I submit to the Third Coast/Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition?

If I am chosen to be a member of the Advisory Group, can I also propose a Breakout Session or Provocation?

Is this a one-time thing?
We hope to build on this process over time and learn through this first Advisory Group, so that we can have another one next year. You are applying to be part of only the 2019 Advisory Group.

Do I have to be obsessed with Third Coast to apply?
No, definitely not. But we're interested in working with folks who have an interest in Third Coast's growth and success.