Statement of Solidarity #BlackLivesMatter

Third Coast unequivocally stands allied in the movement for Black lives, both globally and here in Chicago. And on the first day of Pride Month, we stand in solidarity with those who have led the way in LGBTQ movements for justice—queer & trans people of color.

Throughout history—very much including our own history of sound—the work and legacies of Black makers have been suppressed, co-opted, distorted, and stolen. We’re committed to engaging in that history now, confronting systemic racism, and supporting Black and Brown producers.

To our Black community members: We’re listening. We stand with you.

To the members of our community who hold racial privilege, white people in particular: Keep the dialogue of anti-racism going, or join us, if it's new for you. Systemic racism is bound up in every corner of our society, and always present in journalism, reporting, and storytelling. We encourage you to read and listen with a critical ear this week (get started here); to think about when, where, and how you can use your own voice; and to amplify the voices of the people of color around you who are doing the work. If what you’re hearing feels challenging, “too political,” or you’re concerned about your role as a journalist or storyteller, consider from where that belief stems. Even more importantly, hold each other accountable.

We’re calling on fellow audio organizations to work with us industry-wide to commit to anti-racist change at the institutional level. If you hold power in your workplace, consider how to use this power to support your Black colleagues and employees, right now and moving forward. (Require staff-wide trainings!) If you haven’t started this conversation within your organization, we encourage you to start it now. We are always here as a resource and ally.

This week, we will be posting additional resources on social media, sharing updates from Chicago, and signal-boosting our communities. As always, we're here to listen.