Brett Myers

Brett Myers (@BrettMyers) is a Senior Radio Editor for Reveal at The Center for Investigative Reporting. As a Story Doctor at the 2019 Third Coast Conference, Brett will meet one-on-one with producers to treat their story ailments.

Before Reveal, Brett worked for more than a decade as a producer at Youth Radio, helping teenagers make stories for NPR. Before that, he hit the roads in an Airstream trailer, working as a facilitator for StoryCorps. He got his start in radio as an intern at the brilliant Sound Portraits Productions.

Brett has won more than a dozen national awards including two Edward R. Murrow's, a Peabody, and a Third Coast Radio Impact Award for co-producing Emancipation: A Young Man Leaves Foster Care on His Own Terms.


This hour, some of the winners of our annual Third Coast/Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition

Last Words from Hopi High

For nearly a thousand years the Hopi people of Arizona have lived on the same three mesas and for all that time they've spoken the Hopi language. But now elders and youth alike say the language is dying.