Re:sound #210 The Inner Ear Show

This hour two stories that dive into the depths of the inner ear.

2015 / TCF / WBEZ 91.5, USA

This hour two stories that dive into the depths of the inner ear.

Disequlibrium [NOTE: only available until 13 October 2015]
by Nick Ryan, Lisa Gee and Jeremy Mortimer (Between the Ears, BBC Radio 3, 2012)
Nick Ryan, is award-winning sound designer and composer. For reasons unknown, he wakes up every day feeling dizzy, nauseous and destabilized. Despite medication and his GP's assurances, the feelings persist. At the same time Nick is building a game-world entirely from sound through which players must navigate using only their hearing. 'Disequilibrium' is a meditation on the nature of sound and hearing. It traces Nick's experience of his balance disorder as it morphs his world into a space nearly as alien as the one he's creating.

In One Ear and Out the Other
by Tim Hinman (Radiotonic, ABC RN, 2015)
'In One Ear and Out the Other' takes a bizarre trip inside the brain of Danish documentary producer Tim Hinman, as he does his best to follow the pathways of cognition to the source — only to be confronted with a stranger and stranger inner universe. With help from a few seasoned Danish scholars, 'In One Ear and Out the Other' is a radio first: real live reportage from inside a living brain. Well… almost.

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Dennis Funk.

produced by

Nick Ryan

Nick Ryan is a multi award winning composer, sound designer, artist and audio specialist, widely recognised as a leading thinker on the future of sound.

Lisa Gee

Lisa Gee is an author, writer and radio producer living in the UK.

Jeremy Mortimer

Jeremy has thirty years of experience of working within the broadcasting industry.

Tim Hinman

Tim Hinman (@thirdears) has been working with sound for more than twenty years, taking a well-tried route through total failure in attempted rockstardom.

Dennis Funk

Dennis Funk is Third Coast's Senior Producer. He makes Re:sound, produces features and directs live audio-narrative performances.

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