Journalism and Storytelling: Frenemies?

How real does reality need to be?

How real does reality need to be?

Today, more and more radio producers and reporters are working on their own. And even those inside the radio establishment have begun to think of themselves as storytellers first. There are different schools of thought about the sanctity of fact, different barometers for what makes us feel queasy. What are these varied ethics of sound and story?

Joe Richman of Radio Diaries leads a panel of producers who share strong and varied views on the subject: Brooke Gladstone, co-host and managing editor of WNYC's On the Media, Roman Mars, creator and host of 99% Invisible, and Andrea Silenzi, senior producer of Slate's The Gist and Why Oh Why on WFMU.

Eager to hear more perspectives on audio ethics? The conversation continues in EXTRA.


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Brooke Gladstone

Brooke Gladstone is host and managing editor of NPR's On the Media, produced by WNYC Studios. She has been the senior editor of All Things Considered and Weekend Edition with Scott Simon, also a Moscow correspondent and NPR's first media reporter. She has won a couple of Peabody Awards among others.