Re:sound #39: The Radio Show

This hour: the strange, storied, hodgepodge history of radio.

2006 / TCF / WBEZ 91.5, USA

This hour: the strange, storied, hodgepodge history of radio.

Conrad's Garage
by Joe Richman (Lost and Found Sound, 2001)
Before there were iPods, before there were walkmans, before there were transistors, stereos, or even radio stations, there was Conrad's garage. Thomas Edison said, "To invent you need a good imagination... and a pile of junk." Frank Conrad, a Westinghouse engineer had both. And in 1919 he unknowingly started a revolutionary industry.

Whispers in the Air
by Chris Brookes (Battery Radio, 2001)
On December 12, 1901, as the legend goes, on a hill in Newfoundland, Guglielmo Marconi received the first trans-atlantic wireless signal, pretty much enabling every single communication device that has been with us ever since. Canadian producer Chris Brooks lives at the base of that same hill and decided to find out exactly what happened there a century ago.

by Geoff Siskind (Outfront, CBC, 2005)
An exploration of that twilight zone between sleep and consciousness: where talking squirrels abound.

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Roman Mars.

produced by

Joe Richman

Joe Richman (@RadioDiaries) is a Peabody Award-winning producer and reporter and the founder of Radio Diaries, a non-profit organization.

Chris Brookes

Chris Brookes is an independent radio producer whose audio documentaries have won many international awards including the Peabody Award and the Prix Italia.

Roman Mars

Roman Mars (@romanmars) is the creator of 99% Invisible , a short radio show about design and architecture.

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