Re:sound #216 The 2015 Short Docs Show — Studs Rules

This hour we listen to some of our favourite entries to the 2015 Third Coast Short Docs Challenge: Studs Rules!

2016 / TCF / WBEZ 91.5, USA

This hour we listen to some of our favourite entries to the 2015 Third Coast Short Docs Challenge: Studs Rules!

For our 2015 Studs-inspired Challenge we partnered with the Studs Terkel Radio Archive at WFMT.

With their help, we came up with the following rules: Your radio story must... • be two to three minutes in length • be titled with a question that begins with one of the five Ws • contain the question "And what happened then?" • and include a shout of silence or a cry of laughter

ShortDocs Featured this hour (* = ShortDocs Winner, ** = People's Choice Award Winner)

Where Do I Even Start? by Ben Riskin & Aaron Leeder A working interview for a smart phone society.

What Do You Need To Know? by Ilya Marritz The bread guys pay a visit to a busy Brooklyn deli.

What Happened When You Caught a Toadfish? by Sam Wemmer, Ian Romer Todd Wemmer Liam tells Sam about his adventures on a trip to Bali and Sri Lanka.

Where Do We Go... by Catie Talarski An audio impression of racial tensions.

What Was It About Marriage Anyway? by Austin Mitchell A 1974 conversation between Erica Jong and Studs Terkel... remixed.

What Do You Look Forward To, Aai? by Nina Pathak The producer's grandma reflects on growing old in a country that's not her home.

Where Did He Go: Ogichan, Grandad? by Eloise Stevens A granddaughter tells us about her grandfather's funeral.

**Who Remembers My Father's Voice?*** by Pablo Duarte I ask my family members if they remember what my father sounded like.

**Who Took Mom To the Prom?*** by Emer Horgan with Ronan Kelly A story of girls who say 'yes' that is 100% true.

**What Makes a Good Marriage?*** by Olivia Humphreys Olivia's grandparents, now in their 90s and married for nearly 70 years, tell her about when they met and give their advice on a long and happy marriage.

**What Could Be Bad About This?*** by John-Michael Forman What if you could learn to stop listening to other people?

Where Do I Find You Now?** An intimate conversation with Studs about the edges of life and death. by Sara Brooke Curtis

Listen to more top ShortDocs from the 2015 Challengelink

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Dennis Funk

produced by

Benjamin Riskin

Benjamin Riskin is an independent radio producer and attorney, living in Brooklyn.

Ilya Marritz

Ilya Marritz (@ilyamarritz) is co-host of the duPont award-winning podcast Trump, Inc., a co-production of WNYC and ProPublica.

Liam Romer

Liam Romer is in 6th grade. He loves fishing and science.

Catie Talarski

Catie Talarski is the executive producer at WNPR, Connecticut Public Radio.

Austin Mitchell

Austin Mitchellis the senior producer of Crimetown Presents, a showcase of limited-run series including the RFK Tapes from the creators of Crimetown.

Neena Pathak

Neena Pathak (@neenpathak) is an audio producer at The New York Times, where she currently produces The Daily, and previously produced Still Processing.

Eloise Stevens

Eloise Stevens is a London-based radio producer addicted to world music. She has made features for BBC World Service, Radio 4 and The British Library. She is currently working for Radio Wolfgang and making a documentary for ABC Down Under.

Pablo Duarte

Pablo Duarte was born in Mexico City in 1980. He's a writer and translator and has worked mostly as a print editor.

Emer Horgan

Emer Horgan is a broadcaster with RTE Radio 1, Ireland's national radio, where her voice is used all across the station.

Ronan Kelly

Ronan Kelly is a producer with RTE Radio 1 in Ireland.

Olivia Humphreys

Olivia Humphreys is an award-winning radio producer and documentary filmmaker based in London.

John-Michael Forman

John-Michael Forman is a ceramicist, musician, and radio producer in Chattanooga, TN.

Sara Curtis

Sara Curtis spends her time making radio stories. Her work is steeped in the desire to know, understand, and archive the moment, and our personal human histories in the making.

Sam Wemmer

Sam Wemmer loves to catch creatures (frogs, lizards, snakes, squid, crabs, flounder, lobster, sculpin, lump fish).

Todd Wemmer

Todd Wemmer is a professor at Endicott College. He and his family live in Salem, MA. They sometimes make little audio pieces about nature and memory at

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