S-Town Hall at Hyde Park Art Center

We're taking S-Town Hall to Hyde Park!

WHAT: S-Town Hall at Hyde Park Art Center!
WHERE: Hyde Park Art Center / 5020 S. Cornell Ave
WHEN: Thursday, May 25 / 6pm

Join us for our 2nd public chat in Chicago about the podcast we're still talking about - with our friends at Hyde Park Art Center.

Feeling like you NEED to talk about S-Town ? When did you fall in love with John B., if did you at all? What are your lingering questions after finishing? If you haven't finished, is there a reason why? And what are your thoughts on Brian Reed? Bring all of your thoughts, opinions & feelings about S-Town to Hyde Park Art Center on Thursday, May 25, starting at 6pm. There will be snacks, wine & beer available. This event is free & open to the public!

Learn more about Hyde Park Art Center here & about their Intro to Podcasting course (taught by TCIAF alumna Sarah Geis!)