Third Coast Now

We are working to rebuild Third Coast’s programming into a slate of experimental virtual-first, year-round programs for audiences from around the world.

Third Coast Since COVID-19

Since the pandemic started, we’ve been unable to gather our community together in person – which has been a striking challenge, since convening has always been at the heart of Third Coast... And while we find ourselves in a world where gathering audiences in-person remains inaccessible for many and highly risky for some, we want to capture the essential magic of those one-of-a-kind Third Coast moments we’ve had together over the years: from the joy of running into audio friends and heroes in crowded Conference hallways and at packed sessions, to the power of goosebump-inducing, industry-shifting moments like Phoebe Wang’s Best New Artist Speech in 2018.

There’s been a lot going on at Third Coast over the past few years, but a few conversations have been constant: The need to rebuild the organization after the effects of the pandemic and multiple transitions in leadership; the need to find new ways to connect with our community in the world we live in now, like Third Place from the fall of 2020 and our virtual showcase of Third Coast/Richard H. Driehaus Competition winners in 2021; and what Third Coast can and should offer its community in an evolving audio landscape.

Our goal during this new chapter for the organization is to create a year-long slate of programs that remix the excitement, inspiration, and artistry behind all of our traditional Third Coast programming while offering something new to our community. Join us we take some of our classic programs — like the Third Coast/RHDF Competition — and make them even more global and engaged — and take some of our classic programs, like Third Coast Maker Sessions, and revisit them in a year-round, virtual format. Plus, we can’t wait to experiment with some new ideas — stay tuned.

The process of rebuilding is ongoing — and you are a part of it! To stay connected, you can always reach out to us, fill out our Competition Offerings Community Survey, and subscribe to our newsletter.