Alan Hall

Alan Hall is the founder of Falling Tree Productions in London.

He has been producing radio since 1990 and has built a reputation for long-form documentaries, music features and ‘impressionistic radio’. His programmes have received multiple Prix Italias, Prix Europas, Sony Radio Academy Gold Awards and Third Coast Awards. He also lectures and writes – including a chapter in Radio Reality: Telling True Stories in Sound .


Knoxville: Summer of 1995

Here's an audio homage on three levels: first, to James Agee's poetic memoir of the sounds and smells of Knoxville, Tennessee in the summer of 1915, shortly before his father died; secondly, to Samuel Barber's 1947 orchestral setting of Agee's text for the soprano Eleanor Steber; and finally to the modern city of Knoxville.

This hour: letters. To yourself, to your city, lost letters, found letters... and a love letter to letters.


You'd like to turn the mic on yourself to share your most personal story, but how do you ensure others will want to listen? Also, should you bare your soul, and, if you do, how do you maintain journalistic integrity while doing so? Through a retracing of the making of As Many Leaves, a highly personal meditation on loss, producers Alan Hall (Falling Tree) and Sally Herships (Independent) share the challenges they faced crafting a personal tale meant to resonate broadly, as well as the approaches they honed along the way.