Natalie Kestecher

Natalie Kestecher (@kestecher) is a documentary maker for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

She writes and produces radio stories for feature, documentary and music programs at ABC Radio National. She regularly blends fixation, fate, fact and fiction to create unusual stories that demonstrate the fluid form and boundless possibilities of the radio medium.


This hour: meditations on whispering, selective mutism, and a man who records some of the quietest sounds in the world.

Re:sound's Gwen Macsai hosts Best of the Best: The 2012 Third Coast Festival Broadcast, showcasing the best radio stories of the year - winners of the 2012 TC/RHDF Competition.


Loose Tongues

Narrative deceptions, perverse fictions, audio portraiture: this conversation between feature-makers Natalie Kestecher and Susan Stone explores the interplay of story, character, and music, as well as the delights of creative ambiguity and communication in Kestecher's luminous, protean work.