All That Lingers: Reporting On Aftermath

Block B: Friday (2pm-3:15pm) / Saturday (11am-12:15pm)

Block B: Friday (2pm-3:15pm) / Saturday (11am-12:15pm)

Hurricane Maria. The Pulse Nightclub massacre. Charlottesville. Philando Castile. Uproar over racism at the University of Missouri. Adrián Florido (Code Switch) has spent much of his time at NPR reporting on the aftermath of traumatic events in communities of color. In this session, he’ll talk about the importance of reporting on people’s pain while avoiding narratives that often strip brown and black people of agency and power.


Adrián Florido

Adrián Florido (@adrianflorido) is a reporter for NPR's Code Switch team, where he's covered race, identity and culture since 2015. For his 2019 Breakout Session, he'll reflect on his experience as a reporter, including covering recent events in Puerto Rico (which he is currently doing, and on deadline!)