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American Student Radio (ASR) is cultivating your future radio heroes.

2013 / Barton Girdwood / Eddie Suarez / Lauren DelPrete / Lauren Linder / Lynn Beavin / Rochelle LeBreck / Sarah Neal-Estes / American Student Radio, USA

American Student Radio (ASR) is cultivating your future radio heroes.

Founded and based at Indiana University Bloomington, ASR is an online radio station for college and high school students nationwide. ASR students learn from nationally-acclaimed professionals and then teach each other. Since its conception, more than 200 ASR students have reported and produced public radio-style features that have been heard all over the world.

Here's a recent episode from Wordshop, an ASR show that connects three seemingly unrelated stories through a single word, in this case: "love." Hosted by Lauren DelPrete, WordShop #11: LOVE features stories by producers Lynn Beavin (Brown Bag,) Rochelle LeBreck (Blush) and Lauren Linder (Red White & Blue.)

Find more links to (fearless!) ASR stories and read an interview with Faculty Director Sarah Neal-Estes and students featured in this library spotlight, Behind the Scenes.

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Barton Girdwood

Barton Girdwood graduated from Indiana University and is a graduate of the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies.

Lauren DelPrete

Lauren DelPrete attended Indiana University, where she double majored in Broadcast Journalism and Religious Studies.

Lauren Linder

Lauren Linder graduated from Indiana University Bloomington, where she studied Broadcast Journalism, with a minor in Communication and Culture.

Lynn Beavin

Lynn Beavin was a Gender Studies and Journalism major at Indiana University, cat-owner, and Cancer.

Rochelle LeBreck

Rochelle LeBreck studied broadcast journalism at Indiana University with a minor in Spanish.

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