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It's French. It's all online. It's pretty much Radio 2.0...

2012 / Silvain Gire /, France

It's French. It's all online. It's pretty much Radio 2.0...

Created in 2002 by the European Cultural TV channel ARTE, ARTE Radio produces original creations (features, dramas, short pieces - 1600+ to date) with no format, no commentary and no music. ARTE productions include sound postcards and poetic pieces, features and dramas, political satires and plain silly stuff. Beginners and professionals alike contribute, under ARTE's supervision. Every author is paid, and all ARTE creations are distributed freely under Creative Commons through podcasts, apps, community radios or blogs.

Here's a short selection from ARTE's vast archive to whet your whistle. It's in French, but don't worry, you'll catch on quickly. Fumee clandestine was produced (in one day!) by ARTE founder Silvain Gire, and mixed by Christophe Rault, in response to a recently passed French national law that bans smoking in public places.

Silvain quotes Hillary Clinton effectively and warns of his tendency to swear, Behind the Scenes.ARTEradio.comFrancePhoto by Nicolas BeratSilvain GirePhoto by Nicolas BeratPhoto by Nicolas BeratPhoto by Nicolas Berat

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Silvain Gire

Writer and journalist Silvain Gire is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Gire started working for France-Culture (French public cultural radio) in 1991, then joined cultural television ARTE in 1994. Gire founded in 2002 with young sound engineer Christophe Rault. ARTE Radio introduced podcasting in France in 2005, and has played a major role in making radio creation relevant again for young generations.

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