Audio To Film, And Back Again

Block B: Friday (2pm-3:15pm) / Saturday (11am-12:15pm)

Block B: Friday (2pm-3:15pm) / Saturday (11am-12:15pm)

Can you make the move from audio to film, without leaving audio behind? From experienced audio producer to first-time filmmaker Jasmin Mara López (Silent Beauty), this conversation will take you through a personal and professional journey, from the conceptual stage of a project to directing and producing a feature-length film, all while keeping your audio roots in mind.

You'll hear about the leap into film: what to look out for, and what to look forward to. Consider this an independent filmmaker's guide of sorts to starting out in film, plus what you can steal from the world of visual documentary to make audio even better.


Jasmin Mara López

Jasmin Mara López (@JasminMara) is a journalist, audio producer, and filmmaker based in New Orleans, Louisiana. For her 2019 Breakout Session, Jasmin will take you on a personal and professional journey through her turn from audio to film, all while keeping her audio roots.