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Beat Reporter With A Sneaking Suspicion...

Some stories start out small, but turn out to be much, much bigger.

Some stories start out small, but turn out to be much, much bigger.

This session is for beat reporters who have a sneaking suspicion: “ my short news spot better suited to become a multi-part podcast series!?”

Jason Moon, reporter with New Hampshire Public Radio, discovered the answer was yes with the story that became Bear Brook , a podcast about murder in a small New Hampshire town and the invention of forensic genetic genealogy. Along the way, he learned a few things: like how writing for longform podcasts is different than writing for short news spots, how inserting yourself into a story can sometimes be a good thing, and how spending precious minutes developing characters in your story isn’t a pointless detour after all.

In his 2019 Third Coast Conference session, Jason Moon shared what learned along his journey from public radio beat reporter to longform podcast producer.

Audio note: Sessions are presented twice at the Third Coast Conference (once on Friday, once on Saturday).

  • [Start - 54:18] Jason Moon's presentation from Friday
  • [54:19 - 1:21:11] Friday Q&A
  • [1:21:12 - End] Saturday Q&A

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