Re:sound #63: The Conference Show

This hour: excerpts from some of our favorite Third Coast Conference sessions from years past.

2007 / TCF / WBEZ 91.5, USA

This hour: excerpts from some of our favorite Third Coast Conference sessions from years past.

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things
with Robert Krulwich (Third Coast Conference, 2006)
What inspires those who inspire us? Robert Krulwich presents a sampler of radio stories from a young producer who likes to flirt with danger: Sean Cole.

Explaining the World in Four Minutes
with David Kestenbaum (Third Coast Conference, 2005)
When David Kestenbaum tells people he covers science for NPR, they often say something like, "It must be hard explaining such complicated ideas in such a short amount of time!" Well, it is. Learn how to get great tape from people who use phrases like "renormalization group theory," how to tell tangled stories in a compact way, how to find unusual narratives in usual stories, and how to find a scene when the backdrop appears as dull as your own cubicle.

Talking to the Drunk Guy at the End of the Bar
with John Nielsen
Gwen Macsai talks with John Nielsen, an NPR environmental reporter, about his now lengendary interview outtake.

Die, Mediocrity, Die
with Nancy Updike (Third Coast Conference, 2006)
Do your own radio scripts ever bore you? Or frustrate, confuse, and deflate you? Nancy Updike, who has written stories ranging in length from 50 seconds to 59 minutes, will present easy approaches to making your writing sharper, more memorable, and more engaged with the tape.

The Great Mistake
with Joe Frank (Third Coast Conference, 2003)
An incorrectly flipped switch creates a whole new texture in an already textured monologue and Joe Frank's work never sounded the same again.

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