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Re:sound #212 The Drug Court Show

This hour, we follow three addicts through Australia's drug court system.

2015 / TCF / WBEZ 91.5, USA

This hour, we follow three addicts through Australia's drug court system.

Inside the Drug Court: part 1—the last chance
by Sharon Davis and sound engineer Steven Tilley (Earshot, ABC RN, 2015)
After a year of negotiations with the government of New South Wales, Australia, producer Sharon Davis was granted exclusive access to the state's Drug Courts — a program where long term addicts, many of them hardened criminals, are released from jail in order to join a strict rehabilitation program designed to end their addiction.. In the first episode of this three part series, Sharon follows three addicts on their journey to sobriety through the Drug Court system.

Listen to 'Inside the Drug Court: part 2—the struggle to stay clean'
Listen to 'Inside the Drug Court: part 3—the road to heaven'

produced by

Sharon Davis

Sharon Davis is an award-winning freelance documentary producer and journalist who has worked in radio, television and print.

Steven Tilley

Steven Tilley has been a sound engineer with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation for over 20 years.

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