Elevated (Grand Chicago)

An onomatopoetic memory of Chicago.

2009 ShortDocs Challenge: Chicago Sound Drops

2009 / Aaron Ximm / TCF, USA

An onomatopoetic memory of Chicago.

Commissioned by Third Coast for the Chicago Sound Drops collection - short audio works that conjure the city through sound, story, and imagination.

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From Aaron Ximm: Elevated (Grand Chicago) was made by recording five people reading an alphabetical list of about 400 words (down from 600+ candidates). I diced those up in my DAW to have 2000 clips, each labeled with the word spoken and colorized to indicate speaker. The whole thing was then constructed via intuition and experiment and serendipity; none of it was premeditated. Some parts ended up (to my ear) sounding very "performed" but that was most always the result of judicious editing of the various intonations and deliveries of each person.

produced by

Aaron Ximm

Aaron Ximm is a San Francisco-based field recordist and sound artist.

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