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Re:sound #160 The Fate vs. Accident Show

This hour: two stories of regular old days that started out static and ended up seismic.

2011 / TCF / WBEZ 91.5, USA

This hour: two stories of regular old days that started out static and ended up seismic.

by Michael O'Kane ( Documentary on One , RTE, 2010)
Ewa Wisnierska was an experienced paraglider. She won the world cup in 2005, and a training run for the same competition two years later began as a routine exercise. But on that day, storm clouds moved in quickly and imperceptibly. In mid-flight, Ewa was sucked up into a storm cell that catapulted her higher than Mount Everest and changed her average day into one that was anything but.

Man in the Road
by Nick van der Kolk, Ben Bombard and Rehman Tungekar ( Love + Radio , 2011)
Melvin Dummar was driving home from work when he spotted a man lying in the road. He did the man a kind turn by giving him a ride and a little bit of money. It was a decision that would come back to haunt him years later.

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Katie Mingle.

produced by

Michael O'Kane

Michael O'Kane is Programme Editor at Morning Ireland, RTE News.

Nick van der Kolk

Nick van der Kolk (@nickvdk) is a radio producer, sound designer, and events organizer whose work has aired on numerous radio outlets worldwide.

Benjamin Bombard

Benjamin Bombard (@royalaxation) is a freelance radio producer and journalist and a co-producer of RadioWest on NPR affiliate KUER in Salt Lake City

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