Resound #145 The Fathers Show

This hour: Dads, in all their glory.

2011 / Multiple producers / TCF/WBEZ 91.5, USA

This hour: Dads, in all their glory.

Flanking on the Far Day

by Kent Hoffman and Kelly McCarthy (Outfront, CBC, 2006)

Kelly McCarthy's dad always loomed larger than life. He did things, fixed things and saved people. He seemed completely immune to trouble... until the day trouble found him.

The Ground We Lived On

by Adrian Nicole LeBlanc and Sarah Kramer (All Things Considered, NPR, 2006)

Reporter and writer Adrian Nicole LeBlanc was named after her father, Adrian Leon Leblanc, and their name is only one of the many deeply loving bonds they share. When Adrian Leon was diagnosed with end stage lung cancer, Adrian Nicole dealt with the impending loss of her father by documenting the last months of his life.

The Small Person Aquisition Project

by Kristin Nelson, edited by Dick Miller (The Current, CBC, 2010)

Becoming a parent is a decision that can be complicated enough for any couple. But for Bear Bergman and J Wallace it was an especially complicated decision and process, as both are transgendered men who began their lives as females. Their journey through conception, pregnancy and childbirth is both exceptional and mundane, unique and universal.

Vanity Hair

by Gwen Macsai (Morning Edition, NPR, 1994)

They say you can't choose your parents. But if Re:sound host Gwen Macsai could, she would definitely choose a dad who was a little less... hairy.

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