Re:sound #12: The Hard-Hearted Dreamer Show

This hour: a girl goes on tour with her parents and a woman returns to her homeland in Iran after 40 years away.

2004 / TCF / WBEZ 91.5, USA

This hour: a girl goes on tour with her parents and a woman returns to her homeland in Iran after 40 years away.


by Jaimita Haskell, Marianne McCune, and Czerina Patel (WNYC's Radio Rookies, 2002)

As a sophomore, Jaimita Haskell was given the chance to take advanced classes at her high school, an experience she found stimulating and rewarding. But then she was dropped back into mainstream courses because of circumstances beyond her control. So Haskell challenged her school's educational tracking system, an action that inspired others to follow her lead.

"Tracking" won the Public Service award in the 2003 Third Coast Festival/Richard H. Driehaus competition.

Interview with Jaimita Haskell

Re:sound host Gwen Macsai talks with Jaimita Haskell about what she's been up to since graduating from high school and how her life has changed since she began working in radio.

Hard-Hearted Hannah

by Joni Murphy (Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, 2002)

Growing up, Hannah Hose was the star of her family -- literally. As "frontman" in the family band, she toured Maine performing campy folk acts with her parents. But by the tender age of 13, Hannah was already burnt out on the celebrity life.

Dreaming in Farsi

by Shirley Jahad (Chicago Matters, 2002)

Shirley Jahad and her family were prevented from visiting their native Iran for over 40 years by forces of revolution, war, and repression. So when they finally made the journey, Shirley couldn't help but bring along her tape recorder.

produced by

Czerina Patel

Czerina Patel is the Executive Director of Yenza – an organization which helps the global community better know the African people and which seeks to reveal the brightness, talent, and beauty of Africa.

Joni Murphy

Joni Murphy produced Hard-Hearted Hannah as part of an intensive, 15-week course in radio production at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, ME.

Shirley Jahad

Shirley Jahad came to KPCC from Chicago Public Radio, where she was a news correspondent, anchor, and local host of Weekend Edition. She also served as a television correspondent for WTTW, Chicago Public Television. In her spare time she's been working toward her black belt and learning to play smoky jazz and blues tunes on her saxophone.

Julie Shapiro

Julie Shapiro (@jatomic) is the executive producer of Radiotopia from PRX - a curated network of extraordinary, story-driven podcasts. She is also the executive producer of Ear Hustle .

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