Re:sound #108: The Here and There Show

This hour: here, there, and in-between.

2009 / TCF / WBEZ, USA

This hour: here, there, and in-between.

From Burma to Indianapolis
by Ann Heppermann and Kara Oehler (Weekend America, 2007)
When Sui Tluangneh left Burma for Indianapolis, he brought a poem to remember his homeland.

Chorus of Refuge
by Jason Cady, Ann Heppermann, and Kara Oehler
Chorus of Refuge is a sound installation that transmits the stories of six refugees, living in different cities across the U.S., to six radios. The voices of the refugees are superimposed and coordinated in both rhythm and tonality to unite their narratives of struggle, survival, and triumph.

Saints and Indians
by Kate Davidson (Worlds of Difference, All Things Considered, 2005)
Between 1954 and 1996, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sponsored a program for American Indian children. The Indian Student Placement Program had two aims: to provide Native children with an education and to help the church fulfill one of its central prophecies. According to Mormon teachings, American Indians are descendants of the ancient House of Israel and church members have a responsibility to help bring them back to the Kingdom of God. More than 20,000 children from over 60 tribes were baptized and enrolled in the Placement program. For some, it was a chance to get away from the stress of reservation life. For others, it was a complete denial of their identity. For everyone, it was a life-changing experience.

Divided Families: The Hidden Cost of Migration
by Catrin Einhorn and Linda Lutton (Chicago Public Radio, 2008)
Rocio and Francisco are married but have kept their family together by living apart for the past 19 years. Rocio's raising their children in Michaocan, Mexico, while Francisco's working two jobs in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, and sending his earnings back home. The couple's decision to live this way comes as the global economy is pushing thousands worldwide to make similar choices.

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Delaney Hall.

produced by

Kara Oehler

Kara Oehler was a final-round judge for the 2008 TC/RHDF Competition: Best Documentary Award.

Jason Cady

Jason Cady is a composer based in Brooklyn, NY.

Catrin Einhorn

Catrin Einhorn (@catrineinhorn) is a reporter and audio producer who currently writes stories and produces audio for the New York Times.

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