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HowSound Live! Part I

Discover the backstory to this year's TC/RHDF Competition winners!

Discover the backstory to this year's TC/RHDF Competition winners!

Rob Rosenthal, the host of the HowSound podcast about audio storytelling, interviews our 2014 TC/RHDF Competition winners about the craft behind their stories.

First, Rob interviews Joe Richman of Radio Diaries and Melissa, the subject of this year's Best Documentary: Gold Award, Teenage Diaries Revisited - Melissa's Story.

Then, Rob interviews Colin McNulty, winner of the Directors' Choice award for Burroughs at 100.

This conference session was recorded "live-to-tape" for future episodes of HowSound.

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Colin McNulty

Colin McNulty is an award-winning documentary maker and senior producer of podcasts for WBEZ, including WBEZ’s “Making” series, Making Oprah and most recently, Making Obama.

Joe Richman

Joe Richman (@RadioDiaries) is a Peabody Award-winning producer and reporter and the founder of Radio Diaries, a non-profit organization.

Rob Rosenthal

Rob Rosenthal (@howsoundtweets) is the lead instructor at the Transom Story Workshop, an eight-week, audio storytelling intensive on Cape Cod.